Serve People and Make Money All Without Selling

I’m so excited that you’re here with me today. By way of introduction, I’m a New York Times Best Selling Author. I’m also the creator of the Marketing Impact Academy. The reason why you’re watching this video today is because you’re sick of chasing your tail in social media. Going around and around in circles trying to build your social media when really what you need to do is build your business, that’s what I do. I teach people how to build a business four times faster and build your social media at the same time but hello, make money in the process. That’s what I do.

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Now, I’m a serial entrepreneur. I have always loved business. I’ve always love figuring something out and then sharing my answers, the solution with other people. It’s what I do. It’s what gets me excited. That’s why I’m here talking to you today. In fact, many of you probably know me from one of my most successful businesses. Maybe you’ve seen me late night TV from my infomercials. I’ve had some great success doing infomercials specifically fitness infomercials. My first infomercial was a number one hit. It was almost too easy. It was crazy and it was exciting. I thought, “I’ve got this figured out like this is going to be so easy.” I didn’t even really try. What would happen if I really tried? What if I put together the best program and I did my research and I poured my heart and soul into this?


I did that. With my second project, my second program that I brought to the public, I stepped away from another business. I literally pulled myself out of the business to focus exclusively in developing this program. That program when it went to TV with my partner didn’t do so well. The program works like don’t get me wrong, especially for those of you who’ve done ChaLEAN Extreme, you know what I’m talking about. The program works but it didn’t sell. It did not work on TV. People didn’t buy it. People didn’t call in. People didn’t pick up the phone. That was a huge slap in the face. It was a blow to my ego. I got depressed. I felt like I let a ton of people down. I questioned whether I was actually good at this. I felt like a failure. I felt like I couldn’t support my family.


I can’t even tell you all things I felt. I didn’t want to admit it. I just wanted to just plug ahead. I want to fix it but I couldn’t fix it because I didn’t own that business. It wasn’t mine. I had a partner. I had a boss. I had other people involved in this process and I’ve done what I could, I did my best that I could but for whatever reason I couldn’t fix that. It was enough of an experience like feeling the rug pulled out from underneath you. I felt like everything was going away, that I was in a position where I’m like, “I can never feel like this again. What if nothing I do in terms of infomercials ever works again?” I also realized I don’t know if I love this. I love fitness but I don’t know if this is what gives me fulfillment.


I don’t know if I find as much joy in this as I do teaching people solutions. I set out to start over from ground zero. I didn’t have control of any of the people that bought my products so from ground zero like a zero social media following, I set out to reinvent myself. Basically, branded myself as a business and personal development expert. I had to build my social media. I had to go to courses and I had to work with experts and consultants to figure out, “How do you do this?” I’m not just interested in big numbers. This isn’t a popularity thing for me. I want to know how do I build a business. I want to build a business and I want to be able to talk to the experts and figure out how to do this so that I can reach as many people as possible and live my dream like I don’t want a boss. I want to be at home.


I don’t want you to tell me where to be and what time to show up. I don’t want to have to ask my boss if I can have a week off or if I can not go to this or go to that because my kids … I want to live my life according to me. To do that, I’ve got to build a business in this process. I can tell you that from zero, zero identify as a business expert truly to where I sit today. Today I can reach over four million people daily with my reach on Facebook. We have over 13 million downloads to my podcast. That’s crazy. I’m able to have almost two million views I believe on YouTube. A 100,000 followers on Twitter, 80,000 on Periscope. I mean, name the social media platform. My point is this, I used to have to worry about having an infomercial to reach people. Today, within an hour I can reach over five million people for free on the internet through social media doing what I love.


You guys, I love fitness. I always get this question. I’m going to answer it once and for all, okay. People always say, “How come you’re not doing any more fitness stuff? How come I haven’t seen an infomercial from you lately?” I still do them but now I don’t have to. Now, I make way more money doing what I freaking love. It gives me so much joy to teach people just like you who have a great idea, a brilliant idea, a business that’s just not making money yet, I get so much joy from teaching people how to change their lives and provide for their family. It makes me happy to help someone lose ten pounds but it is life changing when I can teach someone how to get their family out of debt. That to me to have the ability to choose is awesome.


To be able to stay, I’m in my home right now. This is where I live. This is my home office. I don’t have to go anywhere. I can talk directly to you and help you and that is what I want to show you that you can do. You have that same potential. I was in the same position that you are in but you don’t want to run around in circles and the most important thing you have to understand is that you’ve got to build a business because a big following in social media doesn’t mean big box. You have to know how to build your business in the process. You got to figure out how to make money while you’re doing this and that’s a formula. It’s a formula that I’ve learned from the best experts and boil it down and made a dummy proof, made it so simple to follow so that people like me who aren’t very tech savvy. I don’t want to spend my day attached to my computer hitting refresh to see if I got more likes. I need to build a business.


I want to help people. I want to make an impact and that’s what I do. That’s what I teach. Today, I’m going to give you an insiders look at exactly how I teach this to our students in the Marketing Impact Academy. How our students are able to build their businesses four times faster and in the process make more money. Are you excited for this? The first thing that we do is what I had to learn to do which is understand who it was I want to serve. Then, what it was they needed, what could I help them with, what problems have I overcome. Big or small that I could help people who are in a similar situation, what do I have to offer. That’s what we teach people how to do is to figure out who it is you’re talking to and then what can you give them.


Maybe it’s a free webinar that explains like what I’m doing in this video today, how to create a big business while you’re building your social media. That’s what I like to call a gift or in other words a premium. People often refer to this as a lead magnet so maybe you’ve showed up here today because you took advantage of one of my free gifts and you were on one of my webinars or you downloaded one of my PDFs, you listened to one of my podcasts, you took advantage of some type of free offer which I call a premium and that’s how we met. Now, that’s step one. Most people worry about building your social media and don’t have any place to send anyone other than their website and people don’t go directly from your website or directly from your Facebook page to your website. You’ve got to build that reciprocity. That’s the free gift.


From there, then we start doing the stuff that’s fun. That’s when you start working with social media and that’s how I teach people how specifically to seed your social media so that when you’re driving traffic from Facebook, from Twitter, from Instagram, blogs, YouTube, Periscope, each one of these works differently. Each and every social media platform should drive traffic from that platform not to another platform but dude, directly to your free gift because this legit is your relationship. If we’re driving people from one social media to another like, “Hey, follow me on Facebook. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter. Check out this video I just posted on YouTube. Hey, now I’m on Snapchat.”


You guys, that’s a dog chasing its tail in a circle. I mean, that’s really great you’ve got all these people following you and looking at your snaps and such but we need a relationship and to build a business. That’s what I teach you how to do in the Marketing Impact Academy. We’re driving people to a premium. Aside from that, the other thing that’s really important of course, you know this is exposure. All kinds of exposure. Appearances, interviews, guest blogs, mentions, forums like Facebook forums, getting on TV. What about press or just somebody who’s an influencer sharing your post. Now, I teach people which one of these matters the most and guess which one it’s not. It’s not TV.


I teach you which ones of these you want to focus on so that you can get on the radar of influencers because just one share can give you the exposure that can drive massive amounts of traffic to where that place where you start your relationship, your premium. Now, from there I know people are pretty excited and still understand that it’s cool to rank. They are going to have your stuff online. If you’re writing blogs, if you’re creating content, you know this. Everyone’s saying great content. What were you supposed to do with that content? I teach you how to take that content and rank when people are searching for whatever it is that you offer. Not only just seeing your blog but from your rank it’s actually driving them back to your premium when people land on your blog post, when people are watching your video, when someone’s pinning your pin on Pinterest.


We don’t want them just getting excited about your pins. We want them to go back to your premium. I teach you how to do that. It’s so important that we stop running around in circles. I know a lot of people are really excited about how to basically get targeted traffic and there are so many cool ways that you can get crazy targeted traffic. We show you in the Marketing Impact Academy that it’s not just doing a Facebook boost which you might as well put your money in a fireplace but knowing who you’re trying to reach, what television shows do they watch, what books do they read, what magazines do they look at, where are they visiting online, where are they shopping, what are they interested in, what’s their sense of humor, how old are they, do they have kids.


You can figure out all of that so you’re not just getting traffic because traffic is one thing. You want targeted traffic. People who show up who are exactly who you were looking for and guess what, they were looking for someone exactly like you. No one has anything unique. Let’s just face it. I think so many people are afraid to move forward with their business because they are like, “Shoot, someone’s already doing that.” No one’s doing it the way you do it. No one delivers it the way you deliver it. No one can resonate with people the way you do. That’s why you want to find people who get you and send that very targeted traffic, where? You guessed it, back to your premium.


Now, once you’ve got all these people in a premium, do you know what this is? That’s what we call a customer list. This are your lifers. These aren’t just people who randomly showed up. These are people who are the kind of people you love. They get you. You can be yourself. They are your lifers and you want to take care of them. You start that relationship via email. Right? Now, we start creating this relationship where we are delivering to them content. Each one of these represents perhaps maybe it’s a webinar or maybe it’s a resource or a tool or maybe it’s more information but it’s serving the person as it relates to this free gift that they opted in for. Eventually, over time we get to a place where we can say, “Hey, I’ve got this really cool offer for you.” Guess what, sales doesn’t work.


If you’re looking for somebody to teach you how to sell I’m not your girl. I’m going to teach you how to take care of people and in the process make money. It feel so much better and I’m here to tell you I don’t want to sell and I don’t want to be sold too. I want to be served at which point I can say to someone, all right, if this is an offer you’re interested in, they can decide for themselves. That’s exactly what we teach people to do. Some will say, “Not now.” Others may say, “Yeah. That sounds good. Let’s do this.” Boom, lo and behold what do you have? You have yourself a sale or maybe you don’t. Maybe as someone who says, “Not now.” I need you to pay attention to this because this is really important. I want you to understand this is just one process but it’s gone even more basic, more simple and more direct in the last three months.


Then, people can decide, “Not now,” or, “Yes, I definitely want to take advantage of that.” If that happens, that means you’ve got a sale and this works. How cool is that? I mean, it might look complicated but as you can see, anything where you know what the steps are you know, “Okay, what do I do first? What do I do second? What do I do third? Can you explain to me how do I do that?” You know you can follow that system just like all of the hundreds of thousands of students who’ve gone through the Marketing Impact Academy. It’s having somebody spell out the steps for you and not just the steps but like, “Okay, that’s the step but can you tell me how to do that?” That where I was. That’s why I think I’m such a good teacher because they had no clue.


It works but there are a lot of steps involved. It’s simple. It’s simple if you have someone who will show you what to do first and what to do second. You guys, I’m so excited because in the last three months, thank you so much, everything has gone even faster. There’s an opportunity right now and I don’t know how long it’s going to last because I mean, you know this is true. Social media changes every other day like you show up on your Facebook page tomorrow and you’re like, “Okay, everything is different.” New platforms are coming out. There are changes to Instagram, changes to Snapchat. Things could change but I have to tell you right now is a moment when you must take advantage of this because it is too exciting not to.


It’s what I like to call a direct route to sales. Let me show you what’s possible now and it’s why we’ve created the Marketing Impact 2.0 for people to start making money immediately as they build their social media and their business at the same time. This is a shot in the arm that’s so exciting because for so many people you need to make money now. You want that passive income and it’s hard to be patient to build your social media and wait for things to roll in. Guess what, now you have the opportunity to get that shot in the arm without having to build a website, without having to even create a premium. Okay, let me show you exactly how this works. This is so fun. Okay.


The first thing you have to recognize is now everybody has the ability to basically have their own infomercial. You can go live and do a live streaming broadcast in all of the major social media platforms, Facebook Live, YouTube Live, Periscope, Blab. I’m sure I’m missing about five others but now it’s like having an infomercial. Think about it. When you watch an infomercial, the reason why you just tune in once and you watch the program and then you pick up and call is because you spent time with someone. You expedite that process of, “I don’t know who this person is. Interesting. I like them. I trust them. I know them. I would like to buy from them.” That happens in an infomercial.


That’s what I realized was happening in social media. It’s shocking to me how people would like no following but the ability to be real and the ability to help other people can go live on any platform go live and create for people a solution, an opportunity. Maybe it’s a webinar or what I like to call a baby offer. It’s an introductory offer. It’s a low priced. It’s something that’s a smidgen of ultimately what you could provide people and it works every single time if you have the right formula. What this has produced is immediate sales. You see, there’s no more having to create all the premiums like, “Hey, here’s a free audio,” maybe a video series, “Can I give you this free recipe?


Maybe you’d like this PDF that I’ve created or this webinar. Then you could opt in and get on my mailing list.” That take some time and it freaking works. It works but it takes time. Now, you don’t have to do this. You don’t have to do this. It’s a direct shot from live to baby offer to sales. That’s what’s so exciting about the Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 because you guys can’t just hit record or start broadcast and get to this point. You have to know the formula but once you know the formula it works. I want to share with you an example of someone who’s been able to basically save their business because they were able to use this baby offer formula and bring their business back from the ashes because the website had crashed because they didn’t have any way to drive people to a sales page.


They went on a live stream offered what I like to call an introductory or baby offer and immediately into a sale which also is by the way building a list, an email list. An email list of buyers. This is one direct step and never before in history of social media at least since I’ve been doing this have ever seen this. It’s unique and what I love about it is it’s giving people who need to money and opportunity to immediately make money. You know what else it does? It helps you understand what it is you’re supposed to offer. This is part of what we teach in the Marketing Impact Academy that most people don’t teach. That’s understanding what are you supposed to offer. What are you an expert at? What do people actually want from you?


What would they pay for that? What is it they need? See, in the past we had to guess and create all of these funnels and processes and really, really know our customers but a lot of hypothesis went into that. This allows you to know with certainty, to interact live with people and know what it is they need, what it is they want, and how you can serve people without having to sell. You get this concept. It’s probably how we met. It’s probably how you ended up buying from other people. You receive something for free of theirs, you maybe watched a live video and then you decided to take action.


Whether it was a premium or you’re taking advantage of this incredible opportunity that we have right now with free live video streaming either way you realized, “What this is doing technically especially if you followed anything in sales is it’s creating an opportunity to put people into a sales funnel which is a word I’m not crazy about. I want to explain why. Because what most people teach and which was the piece I was uncomfortable with is first of all, I don’t like to be sold to. I don’t want to sell to people. I do like serving people. This felt uncomfortable to me because what most people teach is that you put people into a funnel and at a certain point you say, “Okay, I’ve got this great offer for you.” People then have a choice. They either say, “Yes. That sounds great. I would love that,” or they say no. If they say no, most people teach you then you’re supposed to say bye-bye. That’s not your customer.


Get them out of your funnel. Get them out of your cart and serve the people who are your buyers. I was never comfortable with that. What I prefer to do is when I teach the students in the Marketing Impact Academy and that’s this, go and sell, serve people. It’s way more fun, it’s way more rewarding because when you offer somebody something I assume that it might just not be the right time. Maybe it’s, “I like it but not now.” You might be watching this video right now and you’ve been watching my stuff for five years. Today is the day. Today is the day you’re like, “I’m ready to take action.” There might be someone else who for whatever reason they are not ready to take action. They are just not clear on what it is they want for their future. They still have that fear inside of them.


I still want to take care of that person. They are not ready today but they will be at some point. They will at some point know that they deserve the same success that everybody else does. I’m not going to kick that person out of my car. I’m going to continue to take care of them and that’s what we teach. Until they get to the point where they understand that this is success that they deserve too, I’m going to continue to serve them. You know what else is really cool about this and the way that we teach it if I do say so myself is it helps you understand because you’re coming from your own perspective where people are in their journey, right? It helps you understand what should you be offering next.


Let me give you a great example of this. We sometimes because we don’t kick people out of the car, we serve the people who they are just not ready yet we often times will find we need to create something to get them ready for that. An example of that is when we realized we have to educate people so that they’ve got the success in their business to be ready for this or the confidence in themselves to take action. When you learn this process that we teach in the Marketing Impact Academy here’s what it does. It feels as though you’re living your purpose. You serve people, you understand the customer journey. It’s so much harder to find new people. I don’t want you to do that.


I want you to find the right people and take care of them, understand how to serve people, how to create a customer journey and to know what product you need to create next but not by just thinking of it randomly but by serving people. That’s why I created the Marketing Impact Academy 2.0 so that you can serve people, make money doing it, feel your purpose instead of selling you can serve. Today’s the day. Today Marketing Impact Academy is open and I know so many of you have waited a whole year for this. That’s because we only open up registration once a year. We sell out very quickly and there’s a reason why we do that. It’s because I really I’m invested in people having success and making sure that they go through this process together and that you understand it step by step by step.


It’s that important. What is Marketing Impact Academy? It’s an eight week online course. It’s me as your teacher walking you through this step by step by step. You don’t have to figure this out by yourself. I’m going to teach you how to understand truly where to find your lifer. Who your lifer is, that person that you want to take care of and serve and not have to sell. I’m going to help you understand how to master your message so that you know what it is that you’re an expert at and how it is you want to position yourself and how to find people so that you don’t have to sell, you’re actually able to serve people. I can help you understand how to develop your customer journey like what is it you should be offering and at what price and when and how do you make that offer to people so again you don’t have to sell.


It’s basically like going back to school but learning all the things about business that they don’t teach in business school. I mean, you ask anyone who graduates from business school with an MBA, they don’t teach those stuff. If you want to learn this stuff you have to learn from an expert or try to figure it out on your own. I want to walk you through this process so that you can take advantage of that opportunity right now where you can have a direct contac6 with someone who goes straight to a sale but it’s not as simple as just like hitting start broadcast. I can help you understand what exactly you’re supposed to say, how you talk to people online, how to craft your first product, what should it be priced at. How to develop a focus group. In the last where people have to guess like, “Oh boy, I hope people want this and I hope this is the price that they want it at.”


You don’t have to do that anymore. I’m going to walk you through that process. Then so that we can create that passive income so you’re not constantly tied to your computer. I’m going to teach you how to create premiums, how to create those opt ins, those lead magnets that are seeded across all the social media so that you’re not driving people into a circle but rather you’re sending people to a place where you can serve them and create that reciprocity so that you understand how to write emails and when you’re supposed to send those emails and what do you actually used to send them because guess what, it’s not your outlook. I’ll teach you how to evaluate which CRM or which email programs you should be using to best serve your customers. I’m also going to help you customize that because I know some of you you’re just starting out.


You have really no clue about any of this. You’ve got an idea. You just don’t know where to start. This seems overwhelming. I get it because I was there too. That’s what we do in each online lesson. It’s over the course of eight weeks and some people can get through it very quickly but if you have life come up which hello, “I’m a mom, I get that.” You take care of your family first and the academy doesn’t go away. The lessons are there for you to learn online. On your phone, while you’re sitting in the doctor’s office waiting you can be building your business and generating income for your family. You can listen to an mp3 player. Some of you prefer to listen no just watch on video. You can read the transcripts.


All of lessons make sure that no matter what mode of learning you prefer it’s going to be delivered to you in that methodology. It’s not screen flows or slides. It’s me. It’s me coaching you. Talking directly to you. Going through the process. It’s not concepts. It’s how to step by step. What this does is it saves you time and money and frustration. It takes the guesswork out of having to be a super creative marketing genius. You don’t have to do that. I’m going to take you through a proven formula that works and you have the ability to customize it for your business and where you are and the development of your idea or that business that you’re trying to grow and you just need the right steps.


I’m going to teach you how to evaluate this every step of the way and then how to actually script that offer. If you don’t feel like you’re selling to people, like selling isn’t comfortable and I don’t want you to sell because if you follow all the steps, each lesson you won’t have to sell. You will make it so that people are asking you when is this available. Just like what happened to us. I mean, every single Facebook post, every Twitter, every Instagram somebody is saying when is the Marketing Impact Academy going to be open again. You want to get to that point in your business where people are saying, “How can I start doing business with you where can I buy? Please take my credit card.”


I’m going to teach you how to serve people so that you can get to that point. Trust me it’s so much more fun to do that. It’s rewarding. That’s what we do in the Marketing Impact Academy. This is something that sells out every single year. This is more valuable than going to business school. This is more valuable than buying academy after academy. Let me tell you, it might seem like a lot but you’ve got two choices you can figure this out yourself and waste tons of time and money or you can let me help you. You can let me be your coach and walk you through this step by step, by step. Take off the guess work. I want to build you something that will survive. Something that will give you the ability to create passive income so that you can create a system that works for you. An automation.


You don’t have to continually chase your tail in social media while you’re trying to build a business. Let’s build a business and let’s get started today. This episode of the Chalene Show is a special episode brought to you by It’s an online school that we open up registration to just once a year. If you want to build a better online business, if you don’t want to be a slave to your laptop or your phone or to feel like you’re constantly on social media. If you don’t want to waste a ton of money developing websites or spending money on SEO experts, I invite you to check out and if you have already closed registration by the time you hear this message, don’t worry we’ll put you on our list and you’ll be first to be notified when we open up registration next year. To learn more and to take advantage of my free teaching videos, go to and of course I’ll include a link in my show notes.


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