Podcast – Is Shadow Banning on Instagram a Real Thing?

Many of us have heard someone say they’ve been shadow banned on Instagram. For the longest time, though, Brock thought it was just a myth. Even Instagram has publicly stated that shadow banning isn’t happening. But recently, something occurred that changed Brock’s mind! Today, Brock shares what changed his mind, tips to keep you out of shadow-ban jail and what he really thinks happened to his Instagram account.


You’ll also find out:

  • What is shadow banning
  • Common things that might cause you to get shadow banned
  • How long shadow banning lasts (for your 1st offense), generally
  • How to know when you’ve been shadow banned
  • What to do when you suspect you’ve been shadow banned
  • Why the vast majority of problems with engagement and reach is your responsibility
  • Brock’s personal story as to how / why he got shadow banned
  • Why Brock is grateful for the shadow banning experience concerning his account



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