Podcast – Unhitching From the Shame and Codependency of Alcoholics and Addicts with Jody Lamb

Today, I continue my conversation with Jody Lamb on being the adult child of an alcoholic. This episode is equally as important as the last one — whether or not you grew up in a home with an alcoholic or addict. The reason being, there’s definitely someone in your life who can relate on a personal level and it’ll help you understand their journey better (i.e., empathize). This time around, you’ll hear us discuss: feelings of shame and guilt, understanding codependency, boundaries, and finally being able to live life on your terms.


You’ll hear:

  • Why there’s so much shame tied to being the child of an alcoholic / addict
  • Our obligation to those who are addicts
  • Does one have to hit “rock bottom” before realizing they need help?
  • Voice message from listener with her personal story growing up in a home with an addict
  • What is the Craft Method
  • The very first step of healing
  • Is there a right time to step in and help those in our lives who are addicts?
  • How to know if you’re enabling
  • Signs we may not see that are enabling behaviors 
  • The impact not talking (about dealing with someone who has an addiction) has on our lives
  • What adult children of alcoholics experience when they finally openly express how they feel
  • Jody’s fear around first opening up about her experiences growing up in a home with an alcoholic
  • Why our thinking has a genetic and environmental component (and what to do about it)
  • The inspiring story of Jody first exposing her secrets at an Al-Anon meeting



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