Should You Hire a Business Coach?

Build Your Tribe
EP. 217

Do you need a business coach?

In this brief episode, I will tell you why you do.

Some may feel that they cannot afford to have someone mentor them. Lemme just say, that mindset will get you nowhere. You must invest in order to make a return on your investment.

Now…there’s a HUGE difference in joining a program and having someone individually coach you. The difference is that within a program there isn’t the same level of accountability. It is harder to follow through with your investments in a program, for there’s always a NEW program or NEW investment that will catch your attention, call your name, and lure you away.

If you course jump… you’re an ideal candidate who should think about working with a coach.

Another main reason why you maybe should turn to a coach is if you feel stuck. You maybe need a fresh perspective, someone who is not in your industry that you can bounce your ideas off of. BUT make sure that your coach has had success in their coaching (this is more important than you may realize). Do your research.

You need sound advice. If your the boss or the CEO, who’s gonna talk back to you? Exactly. If you wanna be a champion, you’ve got to be able to take constructive feedback. This means you may need someone to point things out to you. Things that individuals who work for you may feel uncomfortable to mention.

Lastly… If you wanna reach your goals quicker with less self doubt, you really should consider getting a coach.

My number one tip is to ALWAYS be a student. Always approach your business and your decisions with the excitement to learn.

SO.. Where do you find the right coach for YOU? How do you find the right fit?

For me personally, when I felt stuck, I didn’t see a course that could help me take my business to the next level to serve others. I wanted to help people to be more organized, financially successful, and both mentally and physically fit… and I couldn’t find any programs that would take me to that would guide me on how to do that. Until we found our business coach, we were unable to take that next step and serve people the way we are able to today.

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Questions Asked in This Episode
1.What is program hopping? ( 2:57)
2.And so much more…

What You’ll Learn in This Episode
1.If you can’t afford to have someone mentor you (1:00)
2.You need to invest by (1:20)
3. How much money Bret and I lost when we lacked a mentor/business coach (2:08)
4. And so much more…

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