Podcast – Should You Quit? How to Know If You Should Quit Something That’s Part of Your Identity


When Is It Ok to Quit? Tips for Making a Difficult Decision

Should you quit that thing that’s become a part of your identity? How do you know when it’s time to move on? This Car Smart episode features a very personal, touching story about a difficult decision my daughter, Cierra had to make. While this is a must-listen for parents, whether you have kids or not, this episode will help you answer important questions about when it’s ok to quit something or give something up that’s important to you. Get the tissues ready!

Don’t worry; I got permission from my daughter before sharing this story. And I’m so excited to tell it because I know it will be helpful whether you have kids or not. Cierra was struggling with the decision to quit track – something she earned a scholarship for and something that became a big part of her identity. Over time, it was causing more and more anxiety and stress because her heart wasn’t truly in it. She was doing it for other people, not herself.

This was a very difficult decision about whether or not to quit and a challenging situation, but we got through it. We survived. We conquered it. And whatever decision you’re currently struggling with, I know you will survive and conquer it, too!

What You Will Learn In This Podcast on When to Quit:

  • The “no-quitting” mentality that’s often present with good athletes and their families and how this affects us. (4:45)
  • Unhealthy habits and behaviors that can come about in competitive situations and how to deal with them. (7:50)
  • Downward spirals to be aware of in yourself or your kids. (9:50)
  • What to do when something you do becomes your identity. (16:00)
  • Therapy and the best way to come to terms with a difficult decision. (17:29)
  • How to know if you should quit. 
  • Responsibilities we have as parents to help our kids be confident and thrive. (20:30)
  • Why you should avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket or attaching yourself to one identity. (24:30)

should you quit

I hope you enjoyed this episode! What is Cierra doing now? You’ll have to listen to the episode to find out…but I can assure you, she’s happy and excited. And Bret and I are beyond proud of her.

Cierra, I don’t know if you’ll ever listen to this or read this…but if you do, I want to say this. Girl, you make me SO PROUD. And when I grow up, I want to be just like you.

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Thank you for being here. As always, you are the bomb dot com. I love you!


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