Podcast – Start a Side Business on Social Media: Why Everyone Needs a Baby Offer


How to Start A Side Business In 5 Minutes or Less (For Free) Using Social Media 

Want to start a side business or earn extra income via social media, but you have little time or money to invest? In this episode, Brock Johnson shares his best tips for starting a side hustle in 5 minutes or less (for free) with a “Baby Offer” as well as why EVERYONE needs a Baby Offer. If you’re already in business, but you need more customers, this is the one thing you might be missing. And if you just want to make extra money online, but you don’t know where to start, this episode will tell you how to do it literally in 5 minutes or less.

Today, Brock Johnson takes over Build Your Tribe to talk to us about tripwires, funnels, baby offers, trial offers and basically selling anything for less than $20. In addition, he explains why the under $20 mark is a critical price point for turning social media followers into customers. Then, how to turn those initial customers into “Lifers” that actually WANT to pay for something more expensive from you. It all starts with what we like to call a “Baby Offer.”

Tune into this episode of Build Your Tribe, “Start a Side Business with Social Media: Why Everyone Needs a Baby Offer” to find out how to start making sales on social media in the next 5 minutes or less whether you’re a seasoned entrepreneur or someone with a full time job, kids, and a busy schedule that wants to make extra money online without investing a lot of time or money to get started.

What You Will Learn In This Podcast on Starting a Side Business with Social Media: 

  • Why the under $20 price point is critical for getting your first customers.
  • How Brock created his first under $20 product that launched his side business, and how you can, too. (2:20)
  • Why your first offer for your side business doesn’t have to be perfect or take a long time to create. (6:00)
  • How you can share your expertise in anything for less than $20 and turn social media followers into customers who want more from you. (6:30)
  • The mindset shift that happens and the confidence that’s built when you make your first sale, as well as how it’s crucial to just start. (6:50)
  • The “sample mentality,” how “Baby Offers” are like samples. And therefore, why everyone loves them, and it’s a no-brainer to make a purchase. (9:30)
  • How to transform a social media follower into a $20 customer, and consequently, how to transform that $20 customer into a $100 or more customer. (10:30)
  • How you can start your side business in 5 minutes or less today just by offering your expertise and 30 minute consultations. (11:00)
  • Why clients often just need accountability even more so than your expertise, and how your side business can provide that. (13:00)

build your tribe start a side business on social media

The key takeaway from this episode is that you have value. You have expertise that people are willing to pay for. Anyone and everyone can start a side business on social media for free with a very small time investment. You just have to be willing to make it messy and START!

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