Podcast – How To Get your Significant Other To Make Some Changes

This was recorded at our latest Chalene Show Live at the Saban Theater in Beverly Hills. In this episode, Bret and I sit down in front of the audience for a little Q&A. We tackled all the most common questions in regard to how to get your significant other to make some changes. We’ll explore many areas of life, such as: therapy, health and fitness, personal development, working together, and parenting, etc. Bret, as you can all imagine, was in rare form on this night! But to be honest, I probably set myself up by asking him, “How do you handle all of this?” (meaning, me). Oh boy!


You’ll hear…

  • Detailed advice and thoughts on how to get your partner to do something — from personal growth to a cleaner diet to going to therapy — with personal anecdotes from Bret and I on each of these topics
  • Why it’s important for couples to go to therapy
  • Bret ponders on what is the most annoying thing about me (because I asked)
  • The value of asking and listening to someone else’s opinion
  • Our advice for running a business with your spouse
  • At what point in your relationship do you confront important subjects, like religion and styles of parenting
  • What we both learned from our own parents
  • The point in our relationship when we really established which “lane” we were individually in (re: our businesses)




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