Skinny Kitchen Makeover

Today we’re going to remodel your kitchen! The kind of remodeling that allows you to transform your body.

How do other people stay so committed? How are they NOT tempted by the cookie in the cookie jar!!?

Is it discipline? Well, I’m going to share a secret with you….

It’s not ALL about discipline! Another KEY factor in all of this is removing temptation!

So today I’m going to walk you through, step-by-step, of turning your kitchen into YOUR transformation kitchen!

This starts today! No more excuses! It’s time to set yourself up for success. I’m right here with you to guide you through all of it.

4 Principles to keep in mind:
1. Purchasing
2. Proper tools
3. Repackaging
4. Placement

– Stop purchasing the thing that you lose self control over.
– Even if it’s something “healthy” like a fruit / nut bar… this is more about the EMOTIONAL dependance on that item… the, what feels like an uncontrollable, urge to eat it.
– How do you handle this with kids? How do you dress keeping a food in the house that’s for the little ones, but you just have NO control when you’re around it? I tell you exactly how in the episode, so make sure you listen.

Proper Tools:
– Proper tools are everything, and I want to motivate you to fill up your kitchen with the healthy tools that leave you feeling fabulous about your body.

Clear, square storage containers for your greens
A good knife
Water bottle —> my preference is for you to have 3, but if you have 1 you love, stick with that. I like 3 because my goal is to drink 3 of them a day. So if you’re using one, make sure you’re refilling that 3 times!
Avo saver —> A MUST if you’re an avocado lover
Eat Cleaner to clean your fruits and vegetables
– Snack size baggies
Food scale
– Measuring spoons
– Measuring cup
Good Grips GreenSaver Produce Keeper

– Subdivide your food into serving sizes.
– Take everything and divid up into your snack size baggies.
– Place the healthiest snacks at eye level, and place the other snacks in a different part of the pantry, so that they are more difficult to get to.
– Unhealthy snacks —> THROW AWAY!

– We want to get you and your family to create new healthy habits! This means getting them out of the pantry… because the pantry has all the stuff that lasts forever…. and that means preservatives and most likely, unhealthy.
– If you open your fridge right now, what is at eye level?
– Eye level should be filled with colorful fruits, and cleaned easy to grab vegetables!
– If you have kids, put healthy options are THEIR eye level.
– Convenience is the key.

My objective was to give you straight forward tips that create an environment in which you don’t have to exercise enormous amounts of willpower and discipline.

This is about creating an environment of SUCCESS! Take the time necessary to make it happen. You are your family are worth it.

Head to and you’ll be the first to know when we re-open this program! Candidates for this program are those who have hit a weight loss plateau or are experiencing weight loss resistance. This is not a fitness program, and all applicants should have a minimum of 10 pounds to loose.

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