Smart Closet Makeover

It’s time to clean out your closet! Project Smart Closet Makeover, begins NOW! There is definitely an order you must follow, so make sure you are taking notes or you have saved the steps below to your phone!

It is so important that you start your day with clarity; and the first thing you do in the morning, is get dressed… or at the very least pick out what you’re going to wear. So if your closet is a complete disaster – you can’t find things, there’s clothes everywhere, nothing is organized – you are starting your day off probably frustrated AND you are wasting time!

There are tools for this job. They are all optional, but they make a HUGE difference!

Matching hangers

I know this might not seem like a must…. but it is! I understand that this is an investment, but I personally believe that it is one worth making.

Huggable hangers

These will change your life! You can get these on Amazon. Count how many hangers you are currently using, reduce that by 25%, and that’s how many I’d suggest purchasing. I highly recommend buying the color nude. Here’s why. Because I know eventually you’re going to want these in every room in your house, and if you pick pink for your hangers, and blue for your partner, then it just becomes a mess. SO keep it simple and keep it nude.

Rolling hanging rack

This is a great investment! You will use this WAY more than you know! It keeps clothing off the floor and off the bed.

Hanging shoe rack

This is where your workout gear, scarves, and maybe socks will go. You might also want to get one of those hanging cubbies. It’s larger than the shoe rack and I love storing my sweats in these!

Here are the steps you need to follow! 

STEP 1: Count how many hangers you currently have in your closet.

STEP 2: Make a decision on what type of uniform hangers you are going to replace those hangers with.

STEP 3: Order rolling racks and hanging racks for inside the closet.

STEP 4: Schedule time to dedicate to cleaning out your closet – approximately 6 hours.

STEP 5: Listen to the podcast!

Recommended books:

– The Magical Art of Tidying up 
– All Too Much – Peter Walsh

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