Social Stories and SnapChat Strategies to Grow Your Following : PART 1

Build Your Tribe
EP. 208

Miller Daurey, like many other members at Team Johnson, is a budding Entrepreneur. In this episode, as I have this EPIC chat with Miller, we will focus on individuals who are just starting out with building a business of their own and how to best use SnapChat to increase their business growth. On top of that, we will discuss how to apply my various teachings to your business if you consider yourself to be in the “infancy stage”!

Throughout this episode, Miller’s voice will serve as the voice of listeners (just like yourself). He will be asking me TONS of questions that I know you are DYING to have the answers to. Therefore, I really do mean it when I tell you to listen in to have your questions answered.

This is a two part episode. So, after listening to this episode, be sure to go and listen to part 2 OR you will miss out on the continuation of my conversation with Miller and the rest of my tips and tricks for using social stories to build your following!

Some of the Questions Asked in This Episode
1. Why did Chalene jumped on SnapChat when she already had a huge following on platforms like Facebook and Instagram? (2:15)
2. Why should you invest time on Snapchat when it is no longer a small pond? Especially when your views on Snap are lacking compared to other platforms (4:46)
3. Is there a way to measure your ROI (return on investment) on SnapChat? (6:58)
4. Isn’t SnapChat mainly used by teenagers? Is it beneficial for individuals in their 40’s or 50’s to use SnapChat for business? (10:18)
5. What if you feel awkward on camera, or maybe you feel that the behind the scenes of your business is pretty boring? (12:54)
6. What if you’re that person that has so much to talk about, but you don’t know where to start? (14:50)
7. How real is too real? (16:20)
8. What filters should you stay away from using when creating your stories? (17:20)
9. And much more…

What You’ll Learn in This Episode
1. Why you should show up on a new social media platform first OR early to build your following (3:18)
2. Why now is the time to start Snapping (4:05)
3. Why the viewers’ experience is different on SnapChat stories vs. Instagram stories (5:17)
4. How social media has changed, in regards to building your business, within the last year (5:56)
5. What getting personal or “deep” on SnapChat truly means (6:42)
6. How to track links on your stories AND why you should (7:12)
7. An example of Chalene testing her metrics on SnapChat (8:40)
8. How to use the app Blaze to create a poll on your SnapChat story (11:00)
9. Chalene shares a story about a realtor who uses SnapChat to connect with buyers and sellers (11:58)
10. How to test whether or not viewers find your Snaps interesting or valuable AND what people like to see on SnapChat (15:10)
11. And much more…


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