Podcast – My Son’s Perspective on My Parenting with Brock and Chalene Johnson

Not too long ago, Bret and Cierra took over the show in an episode titled, “The Father Daughter Connection” —  where they discussed Cierra’s perspective on Bret’s parenting style. Well, as soon as that show premiered, y’all kept asking for a similar episode with Brock and I. And today, you got it! If you’ve been around these parts even a little while, you know we are not strangers when it comes to doing the podcast thing together… so you can be sure you’re in for lots of transparency, insight, and funny!


You’ll find out…

  • What I tried to teach Brock from a very early age
  • The main thing I wanted to impart on my kids that came from my side of the family
  • How I installed a creative side in my kids
  • Brock’s impression of the explicit rap music I played when he was young and quite impressionable
  • How Brock perceived my curiosity (asking lots of questions about everything!)
  • Examples of Brock’s empathy from childhood thru adulthood
  • The incident that occurred when I was a child that prompted my parents to put me in therapy
  • Why I put Brock into therapy as a child
  • How Brock is an informed eater vs intuitive
  • Words that were censored in our home while the kids were growing up



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