Podcast – So, Now What? | Coronavirus Crisis

As promised, I continue to focus on what you, lifers, are needing during this pandemic. In today’s episode, I’ll share tips on how to keep yourself calm and grounded at this very uncertain time in all of our lives. I, also, candidly open up about how I’ve had to recalibrate and check my perspective in regard to new developments at both the home and office.


You’ll hear:

  • Why you want to keep things as normal as possible right now
  • A personal voice message from someone I’ve always admired
  • The first thing we, at Team Johnson, had to plan due to Coronavirus
  • My new goal with The Chalene Show and Build Your Tribe
  • The best way to snap out of victim mode
  • Why and how you should dress the part of someone who isn’t quarantined
  • What Bret and I and Team Johnson are considering re: future projects that best serve our customers
  • Silver linings that have emerged during this time (at both the home and office)
  • The power of intention and a plan 
  • The difference between panic and planning
  • What is faith and why it’s imperative
  • Where you find certainty if you don’t believe in a higher power
  • Recommendations on who you should be hanging out with and what you should be listening to



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