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How to Respond to Social Media Comments

Do you respond to social media comments? If so, has the way you’ve been responding been effective and engaging for your audience? Learn Brock Johnson’s 6 tips + 1 bonus tip for responding to comments on social media to boost engagement and build connections. You’ll hear how Brock engages with his audience through social media comments, and you’ll discover which approach to responding to comments is the most practical for you and your audience.

Do you have dreams to boost engagement and build a “family” within your social media platforms? Well, let me just say, comments are the key to success with this. In this episode, my son Brock shares how he uses the commenting feature on the socials to engage with the tribe of people following his accounts. He makes an effort to respond to every comment he receives. While this may not be practical for you and the size of your audience, it is highly recommended if you can manage it.

social media comments

What You Will Learn In This Podcast About Social Media Comments: 

  • Why Brock responds to all of his social media comments. (1:12)
  • The way you should speak when replying to comments. (2:00)
  • One of the biggest pet-peeves on social media. (2:10)
  • When you type your response, treat your commenters as friends. (4:20)
  • The role of empathy in social media comments. (5:30)
  • THE BONUS TIP!! (8:15)

Thank you for listening to this episode of Build Your Tribe, hosted by Brock Johnson. We hope that you can apply these tips to your everyday engagement on Social Media. Be sure to message us and let us know if these tips helped you out OR if there are any rules you have for yourself when it comes to social media comments.


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