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Top Tips on How to Use Social Media Stories

Social media stories are all the rage – SnapChat, Instagram Stories, Facebook Stories, YouTube Reels, and more! Everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon and realizing the power of stories. So how do you use social media stories to grow your business? Join host Brock Johnson for this humorous episode on the power of storytelling and the 5 components your stories must have to grow your business no matter what social platform you’re using.

Have you noticed social media stories are popping up everywhere lately? There’s Snapchat, Instagram stories and now Facebook stories…and even YouTube is jumping on the bandwagon with YouTube Reels.

There’s a reason why stories are so popular, and if you do it right, you can use them to draw your Lifers to you, make a connection, and build a relationship that’s so much stronger than anything you can create via a photo or an edited video.

There’s something truly special about the realness of social media stories, and it helps us build trust in a way that can turn followers into loyal, lifelong customers. It can completely change your business.

Today, Brock shares with us a talk he gave at Marketing Impact LIVE on how to use social media stories to grow your business – whether it be on Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, whatever…with 5 “story habits” you need to do it successfully.

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What You Will Learn In This Podcast on Social Media Stories:

  • The power of social media stories and how they can help you grow your business, whether that be on Snapchat, Instagram stories, Facebook stories, or any other platform.
  • What are Mirror Neurons and why do they make storytelling so powerful. (4:20)
  • Why stories are becoming all the rage in social media and how it can help you build your business.
  • How social media stories connect us with others because listeners imagine themselves in our story.
  • 3 main chemical reactions that take place during story telling that build connection. (8:00)
  • How stories increase dopamine and therefore increase focus, memory and motivation. (8:05)
  • How stories cause our brains to release oxytocin, which builds generosity, trust and bonding between the storyteller and the listener. (12:00)
  • The role Endorphins play in making a connection; these are also known as hormones responsible for a runner’s high drug, happiness, and stress relief. (17:20)
  • What matters most is that you make people care and how to do that. (24:50)
  • 5 social media stories habits for successfully making a connection that can grow your business. (25:10)
  • Why you need to make your social media stories personal and how to do that. (25:15)
  • Things to avoid doing when telling social media stories, which can cause your stories not to land with your followers.
  • Why you should focus on emotion when storytelling and how to do that. (25:55)
  • Why you should stop being a news reporter and start focusing on emotion: stories are remembered 22 times more than facts. (26:00)
  • How to practice and index your stories, and why it’s important to keep a running list. (27:00)
  • The number one component to successfully sharing social media stories to grow your business: believe in yourself. (29:00)
  • Two of the biggest pitfalls to avoid that hold you back from sharing stories. (29:00)

I hope you enjoyed this humorous and enlightening episode! Stories have a tremendous potential to take your business to the next level. I hope you’ll start implementing some of these tips and get on stories today!

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