Podcast – Spouse or Loved One With ADHD? Start Here!

Coping with a loved one who has ADD or ADHD can certainly be a struggle. Whether it’s your spouse, child, friend or boss. So, in this episode, both Bret (who doesn’t have ADHD) and I (who does) share our best advice/tips for living/working with someone who has ADD or ADHD.


You’ll find out:

  • How patience plays a role in such relationships
  • The worst thing you can do when someone with ADHD is focused on something
  • Why you can’t shift topics with someone who has ADHD
  • Why, if you have ADHD, you should always write things down
  • Why a minor interruption creates anxiety for those with ADD
  • Why sleep is especially important for those with ADHD
  • How to be your child’s (with ADHD) best advocate
  • The stigma I have always felt due to time blindness
  • Tips on parenting a child with ADHD



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