Podcast – Start Something Stupid with Richie Norton

The smartest people in the world understand that, in order to achieve success, they sometimes have to do things others may initially perceive as stupid. And that is exactly what today’s guest, Richie Norton, believes. He’s a podcaster and the award-winning / bestselling author of: The Power of Starting Something Stupid. Richie and I talk about what it takes to create a business, how to own your time, life and happiness.


You’ll find out:

  • Richie’s backstory
  • How Richie helps people breakthrough their negative mindset
  • The moment from Richie’s childhood that taught him the power of entrepreneurship
  • Why the trait most associated with procrastination is immediacy
  • Why we’re setting goals for the future all wrong
  • What Richie calls The Stupid Loop
  • Richie shares the tragic story of the loss of his son
  • Why so many people don’t follow through on ideas pressing on their mind
  • How Richie and his family came to foster children for 2 years
  • How Marketing Impact Academy changed Richie’s game
  • The difference between an invention and an innovation



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