Podcast – How To Stop Being Late or Get Someone Else To Be On Time (Part 1)


Top Tips & Strategies to Stop Being Late

Are you always late? Or maybe you’re always on time, and late people drive you crazy. Regardless, this episode is for you! You’ll learn how to be on time, the psychology of being late, what your punctuality says about you, and how lateness can create discord in relationships. If you’re punctual, you’ll gain a better understanding of the chronically late people in your lives and how to deal with them. And if you’re a late person, my goal is to provide you with tips and strategies to never be late again (or at least be late less often). Get ready to laugh, because I’m featuring some comical listener opinions and grievances in this episode.

Contrary to what most people believe, simply saying, “Can’t you just be on time?” or “I don’t want us to be late” isn’t helping…nor will it work. This episode will help early birds better understand why people are late and how to feel less frustrated when it happens.

It will also help those of you who are tardy to the party nip lateness in the bud. Wouldn’t that be awesome? I know you actually hate being this way. But the good news is, being on time is a learnable skill and a habit that can be changed. Trust me, I know because it’s something I have struggled with, too.

I was shocked by the emotion this topic brought up! Therefore, because this is such an important topic, I’m breaking it into 2 episodes.


What You Will Learn In This Podcast on How To Stop Being Late:

  • How understanding what people think about you when you’re late can actually improve your lateness. (2:30)
  • People who struggle to be on time are often people pleasers. (3:00)
  • Frank messages from listeners sharing what they think about people who aren’t on time. (3:30)
  • How my husband, Bret and I worked though my lateness to improve my bad habit and improve our relationship. (10:30)
  • Research by San Francisco State University shows that 20% of the population is chronically late. (15:00)
  • The psychology of punctuality. (15:26)
  • Tardiness is estimated to cost the U.S. over 90 billion dollars in lost productivity every year. (15:40)
  • In studies, people who are chronically late underestimate how time passes as much as 40% off the mark.
  • The brains of tardy people versus people who are on time are different. (17:00)
  • The significant difference in time perception between tardy and prompt people. (20:00)
  • Common habits of people who are late. (21:15)
  • A comical phone call from my parents on the topic of lateness. (27:45)
  • Proof that it’s possible for chronically tardy people to be on time – it’s a learnable skill. (38:00)

how to stop being late the chalene show

We are happiest when our relationships are peaceful. This episode will provide you with a change in perspective to decrease feelings of anxiety and rage around lateness. Part 2 will provide tips and strategies to help you change this habit (or help someone else change this habit).

I hope you enjoyed this episode as much as I did! I think it’s so interesting and would love to hear your thoughts! Leave them in a voicemail using the widget below, or send me a voicemail on Snapchat. I will feature them in my next podcast, Part 2, which will release this week!


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