Podcast – Stop The Anxiety Worry Habit

Anxiety affects millions of people every day and can lead to a very serious (often invisible) affliction. So today, I offer strategies in the hopes they will provide some comfort and relief. I’ll help you break down and understand what may be causing your anxiety and how to cope with it. After trying these techniques for about one week and you’re not experiencing any alleviation, it may be time to truly consider the help of a professional.


You’ll find out:

  • Statistics of those who suffer from anxiety
  • What’s happening in your brain that causes anxiety
  • Why / how anxiety doesn’t really have any evolutionary function
  • What is situational anxiety (and how I experience it)
  • Why we have to identify the short-term reward of bad behaviors
  • Why / how worrying creates a loop that makes anxiety worse
  • How mindfulness plays a role in ridding of anxiety
  • Why it’s almost impossible to be worried, anxious, and curious at the same time
  • Why you have to ask yourself, “what’s going on here?” the next time you feel anxious
  • The benefit of breathing exercises



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To learn more about Dr. Mcayla’s Anxiety program go to: Drmcayla.com/LifeLine

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