Podcast – My Personal Strategy For Content Promotion

Today, on Quick Tip Tuesday, I want to talk to you about promoting that ONE piece of content that matters most to you. Whether it’s your podcast, Facebook Live, IGTV, YouTube video or whichever platform you’re super focused on at this time. Because we have the option to promote content onto other platforms, many influencers / brands take advantage of this strategy. However, it’s all in the execution. I’ll give you examples — both good and bad — as to what’s working and what’s not when cross promoting your content.


You’ll also find out:

  • Details and anecdotes on what many influencers (including me) do today to promote their content
  • How I keep momentum going on a podcast that’s getting traction (which applies to most social media platforms)
  • How to build curiosity around your content
  • My favorite video editing app
  • Why you must be aware of your content becoming predictable
  • Why you can’t count on your interviewees promoting their appearance on your show


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