Stronger Willpower in 5 Steps

In this episode I am going to share with you five tips that I think that are going to help you develop stronger will power.

The First thing you need to do when you are trying to develop stronger willpower is to figure out what is it that you want, All right that is the first step. What do I want, What do I really want and it is realistic. So once you figure it out that it is realistic, you got to figure out and do the research and say. You know, what is that going to take, what do I do in order to make that possible, so for example a lot people likes a particular body right and the other guy I wanna so and so buyer, I wanna have a physique of that girl like in that magazine and they think they want that body but they wont really know what is involved, they don’t know perhaps that is involve that person is in a very strict diet and they have to spend an hour and half, two hours maybe three hours in the gym and they need to have extra hour of sleep, and it is a big commitment so then you go well their body, do I really, really , do I really want to take three hours a day to do what it would require, it doesn’t makes sense to go after a goal that you haven’t properly researched to figure out what is involved. So the first step is that to figure out okay what is it I want and what is involved that is the research side of it because everybody has will power and it is a matter of knowing how much do you want it. First step is what do I want and but you was involved right. Another great example I could give you is my husband and I owned the company part of Blue Productions. There was a fitness company that certify people and we also sold fitness apparel and we did workshops and seminars, motivational trainings and we are about seventy employers and consultants around the country and I literally always want to have my own business and driving the business partner scheme is like company name across the top of the building and I once imagined it how cool it would be of people wearing my fitness apparel. I knew what that I didn’t know hat is really involved and I had done enough research to figure out what it would mean for my lack there of life. I mean there is no life. There is no life to be had with that many employees and that responsibility and that much stress it was great to have a name across the building but like who really cares if you are not sleeping, you are not eating, you are stress out it was, I wish I have done a little more research what was really involved because a lot of time we have seen things from the outside and we really don’t know what is involved. You know I would say before you said out to do something that would requires will power and strength of character, do your research first to figure out like AM I WILLING TO DO IT TAKES. The next thing is once you figured out what is required to accomplish that goal, whether it is weight loss, let’s think about what you need will power for. Weight loss, Staying in a committed relationship, yeah staying committed to your partner that takes will power, being a parent that is truly dedicated and devoted to their kids like that takes will power. It takes will power to stop eating junk, it takes will power to be kind, it takes will power to have a commitment to your faith all these things take will power. And you need to research to figure out what is it they want, what is involved and number three is to decide once you get the research you just make a decision. You make a decision to make it happen. And that decision to make it happen is followed by a plan. So that is step three, a decision to make it happen. Step four is to and I think people miss this, is to play Offense. In other words, if you decided to stay married and make sure that you are always in a committed relationship and not go astray and then play offense because going out for the drinks with the girls three nights a week is not playing offense, that is playing dangerously. When you are around temptations, they’re likelihood of you tempted by that thing that requires will power is much higher the people who have the greatest power of you know are people that don’t even exercise it because they said themselves up for success and by not putting themselves in a situations that they will be tempted. It is funny how people who complain the most about lack of will power if you open up their pantry they have all kinds of crap, they have will power than me if my pantry was loaded up half the stuff I see with people pantries, I wouldn’t even able to resist it but I don’t have it in my home because I am playing offense. So, set yourself up for success making sure that you are in an environment is that you don’t actually exercise will power. Right? So for example, One of the things that you are trying to do is to be more involved with your children or let’s say one of the things you want to do is to exercise more and you need a will power to do it and then set your self up for success. Don’t get dress in your regular you know run in the mill clothes, get dress in your yoga pants, put on your lulu lemon put on your shoes, you know don’t make play you know that if, if the day goes by and you haven’t exercise by 5pm and you just know that it ain’t going to happen in the evening well set yourself up for success and make sure it is done first thing in the morning. Yes get that stuff out of your house, you don’t need exercise will power if it isn’t even in your house. Yeassss! Okay. Next is to exercise will power, I think you have to consider situations that you have to exercise it, in another words you think yourself okay it is going to be hard to resist if this word happen and you think about a worst possible scenario or something that could happen in the future and as I like to say my fit and final tip is to fix your boat before the storm, fix your boat before the storm. And so if you know that if one of your major challenges is emotional eating and you know that your son or daughter is going away for college this month or next month or couple of months and you know it is a very emotional time for you then address the issues you have with emotional eating. So if you know that storm is approaching and you know that creates a trigger for you to have a lower and weakened state of resolved then fix that before it happens you know it is coming so rather than anticipating I will just I will just hold on tighter this time why not fix your boat before the storm. Right? Planning ahead for sure, if you know that you are on vacation and when you’re traveling that is really hard time for you to eat healthy pack your food. I do it all the time for three or four days. One half of my suitcase is the meals that I pre-prep because I am going to be in a hotel where I don’t know what they have and I pre-prep my food pack it nice and put in my suitcase. Or you can ship it on ice. You know, so there are lots of things you can do because I know that me and the hotel room and you’re looking at the menu it is like nothing that is healthy and you are like god but I am starving that is a storm so I am going to fix that boat before the storm. These five tips is that you can find in my blog if you will go to do you have strength of character, that is the title of the blog. So if you want to check that out, you can check that out on my website in and I try to post a blog up everyday, I don’t know if you still subscribe to my blog by logging in I’d love to have you there. I know I need to keep it a little short because I know I have a lot of time to read so if you will please give me an example of something where you have learned how to eat and play offense or fix your boat before the storm. Those two things are super helpful to people who read and if you see someone’s comment here like that is so helpful. Please you know give him a little bit of thumbs up or let them know how helpful that was because we are a community that likes to lift each other, help each other and I learn from you guys everyday. I love reading your comments and you are awesome. I love you guys!

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