Podcast – What to Do if You’re Struggling with an Important Relationship

At times, we all struggle in our relationships, but it’s crucial to understand how 1) you may be the common denominator and 2) why your past may be the cause of your struggles. So, if you’re currently struggling with an important relationship in your life — whether it be romantic, family or friendship — I’m about to give you a bit of tough love. Note: I encourage you to listen to this episode, in particular, with an open mind.


You’ll find out:

  • The inspiration behind this episode
  • Why nothing has a greater impact on your relationships than your past
  • Why is it some people never seem to have a successful relationship
  • The root cause of your relationship issues
  • How I define dysfunction (in your relationships)
  • Why we often allow detrimental things to happen in our relationships
  • The 1 question I want you to ask yourself re: your most troubling relationship
  • Personal anecdote of my friend and her subconscious fear (and how it affected certain relationships in her life)
  • The first step in identifying your problem as it relates to a certain relationship
  • Why therapy is something that should be kept up on the regular


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