Podcast – Best Tips to Take Control of Your Happiness

How You Can Find Your Happy Today

Want to know how to control your happiness? Do you ever feel like your life is deja vu? A lot of people end up accepting that their life is the way it is because it’s supposed to be that way. What I have to say to that is…that’s absolutely false. In this CarSmart episode, I will tell you how you can plan in advance to achieve happiness. You’ll hear my best tips and practices to assure you’ll be in control of your energy, mood, and happiness each and every day.

Here’s a truth: To tackle happiness, you must focus on feeling good and all the good things happening for you! Feeling “blah” is a decision. Feeling bored or unfulfilled is unacceptable. There’s always exciting ways to be a better human, and that’s something to look forward to. Don’t expect something to magically appear that you can look forward to- create it! Do it every day.


So here they are… The Best Tips to Take Control of Your Happiness:

  1. Plan in advance. Make a list of things you’d like to do, from small to big, from a book to a Quick road trip. Then plan them out the night before and in writing
  2. Plan to do something nice for others, like write a thank you card, invite someone to coffee, offer to babysit or help someone do something small
  3. Start each day by putting one thing your grateful for in writing
  5. Create a to-do list IN WRITING with just 3 things on it
  6. Don’t be afraid of rejection
  7. Take action on a new hobby
  8. Plan something by yourself
  9. Take control

To hear exactly how I Implement these practices into my life and daily routine, you’ve got to listen in to this episode!

I hope you enjoyed this “HotelSmart” episode. Remember, the happiest most well-adjusted people have learned that happiness is a choice and a skill. Today I challenge you to work on the skill and one of the easiest ways to do that is by creating things you can look forward to.

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