Podcast – Teaching Your Kids To Be Independent

I’ve had a crazy busy week — so, I’m super thankful to our PodSquad for coming up with today’s topic! On today’s show, Bret and I share how (we feel) we were able to help both Brock and Cierra become independent young adults. By no means do we think we were/are the perfect parents! However, we do take great pride for being on the same page when it comes to teaching our kids — starting at a young age — how to be self sufficient and take responsibility for themselves. You’ll hear the specific teachings which helped our children be ready for adulting!

You’ll also find out:

  • What is teaching your kids pen to paper
  • Why we never gave our kids deadlines
  • The most crucial thing you can teach your kids
  • The importance of teaching your children to fix their own mistakes and deal with their own problems (and how)
  • What to teach your kids about failure
  • How to guide your children to be capable
  • What we didn’t teach our kids that we, now, wish we had
  • Why we never cared about our kids’ grades in school, especially college
  • Why Brock began to focus less on his grades at college
  • Teaching your children about the gift of abundance
  • Why it paralyzes your kids to push identity and performance on them
  • How a budget app will help your children when they begin adulting (and you, too!)
  • Why it didn’t make sense for Cierra to do a 4-year program at her school
  • The importance of teaching what it feels like to be clean and neat VS telling your kids to be clean and neat
  • Why I asked Bret not to cook for the kids as they got older
  • Why / how being resourceful is one of the most beneficial things to teach your children
  • How to be careful with the seduction of rejection (and what that means)



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