Podcast – Alzheimer’s Chronicles | Volume 5

Trigger warning: this special Friday edition of The Chalene Show is brutally honest and emotionally raw. Bret and I open up (in ways you’ve not quite heard before) and share how we’re currently coping during this season with Bret’s dad and his Alzheimer’s. Thank you for always allowing me to be open. 


You’ll find out:

  • Why I always talk about all the things
  • Why my podcast is THE place for me to share certain personal things
  • My personal belief as to what contributed to my father-in-law‘s quick decline from Alzheimer’s
  • The one thing on TV that has my father-in-law, Bob, mesmerized
  • My newfound tremendous respect for caregivers
  • A personal recording of Bret and I reviewing past good times with Bob
  • The recent comparison Bret and I have made with Bob and raising small children
  • What every student, male or female, has said to me about Bob (former teacher / coach) over the years
  • Why I feel blessed during this time
  • Why I was never intimidated by Bob (yet others were)
  • What Bret is trying to sink into his dad’s head about our kids
  • Why Bob is such a reminder of what’s important


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Books on Alzheimer’s:

Watch a video on Bob, the legendary High School Football Coach

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