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Are you ready to take a challenge? Today, we’re talking about writing an eBook — which is one of the easiest ways for you to taste and experience what it’s like to earn a little bit of money online. Now, as you know, Chalene loves it when you create eBooks at a lower price / introductory level (i.e., baby offer) OR as a freemium. Bottom line: It’s a place for you to share  your knowledge with your peeps. In this episode, Chalene is going to detail for you the story of a 19 year old girl who just released an eBook and… are you ready for this? Made $5,000 in her 1st day of sales! You’ll also find out where to join a FREE online community that’ll give you all the resources and steps needed to create the best eBook ever and get it ready to share!  


You’ll hear:

  • The premise of the eBook that sold 5k in 1 day
  • What went into making the eBook (photography, writing, editing, virtual assistant, website, planning, time, etc.)
  • How to find the inspiration to create a side hustle
  • My brainstorm challenge and CTA (for you)



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