The De-Clutter Project Part 3: Systems to Stay Organized

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EP. 284

This episode is part 3 of the De-Clutter Project. If you haven’t listened in to Part 1 and Part 2, go do so now!

Today, we are going to talk about organization. Firstly, what it ultimately means to be organized. In study after study, it has been determined that organization interferes with the pleasure we experience in our lives. That’s why people often claim they are more productive and make healthier choices when they feel more organized and decluttered.

Your focus is so important, no matter where your minds thoughts are directed. Clutter may be a huge barrier that is holding you back. This may be something you need to tackle to restore order and success to your life.

In previous episodes, we focused more on the clutter. We learned that (bottom line) the more stuff you have, the more you’ll have to go through the process of decluttering. Therefore decluttering must take place BEFORE you take on organizing.

By establishing a system, you will discover that the messes and the cleaning up of the messes will diminish. You will still have to clean a bit, but it will be far less frequent. Systems provide structure, organization, and peace! And they sure as heck will save you your precious time!

To be successful in developing a system, one can learn to form new habits. Habits provide you with the ability to get things done in a non tedious way. To establish a habit successfully, you should try to anchor the new habit to a pre-existing habit.

In this episode, I will expand on the research I have deducted supporting how to make habits stick! Definitely listen in to hear these tips in-depth, but here are some ideas that I will discuss…

  • Get some skin in the game: It’s really easy to lose interest in decluttering. You may need to sell some items you don’t use. Or, you may need to invest in tools that will help you to get rid of “stuff”.
  • If you are going through this decluttering process with another individual, you need to give them permission to throw things (that you don’t use) away without your consent.
  • 2 less expensive alternatives to a dumpster: trash bags and

In this episode, after I discuss the previously mentioned tips, I move on to organization and the steps you need to take.

The First Step (17:40): You need to define each space. Furthermore, you need to define what things happen within each space. You will find that some of your rooms may need to be multifunctional. If this is the case, make sure everyone who uses this room is in agreement on the varying purposes the room holds (or else chaos may take place). The one room that is off limits is the master bedroom. Your bedroom is a sacred space, and no clutter should be found there.

The Second Step (23:30): Give all items in your space its own defined place. REMEMBER… Like things should be organized with like things. Your organization should also LOOK organized. Don’t get caught up in buying trendy patterns, stick with organizational tools that are good quality and match easily to other tools.

The Third Step (28:20): Invest in making your systems work.

In the next episode of the De-Clutter series, I will discuss the habits that make your systems stick! Make sure to check that out here >> LISTEN NOW!

I hope you enjoy this episode and the De-Clutter series in its entirety! If you have any questions or comments feel free to hit me up on the socials or send me a message at >>>


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Questions Asked in This Episode
1. What comes first.. organization or success? (5:40)
2. Does organizing make the tidying up something you don’t have to do as often? (6:15)
3. And so much more…

What You’ll Learn in This Episode
1. What I’ve found to be consistent with very successful people (3:15)
2. The more successful I became, the more I needed to maintain… (5:55)
3. Organization can be a timesaver (6:20)
4. Habits make it possible for you to do things without having to force yourself (9:30)
5. If you live in a space where you have to multifunction your bedroom space, you need to create… (22:30)
6. Why you should only buy basic, neutral containers (28:07)
7. And so much more…

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