Harness The Power Of The Deadline Effect

You have a 30-second deadline to double-check and make sure you’re following The Chalene Show! 

Did you meet the deadline? 

Have you ever noticed how we tend to procrastinate and use up all the time we have available to complete a task — but when we’re given less time, we somehow manage to get it done faster? 

This phenomenon is known as the “Deadline Effect.” Essentially, it’s the idea that we work best under pressure and the closer the deadline, the greater our productivity. 

In today’s episode, I’ll share my personal application of this strategy and provide tips on how to apply it toward self-management — allowing for more efficiency and freedom in our lives.


You’ll find out:

  • Detailed description of the Deadline Effect
  • How this principle can make or break your productivity
  • How/why I lost my focus last year
  • Why having a deadline truly helps our drive
  • My current 2-step process which helps my productivity, sleep and daily productivity
  • Why I don’t recommend putting your schedule in your phone
  • Rules/boundaries I’ve put in place that help with daily distractions (most especially, social media)
  • Apps/features (for your phone) that’ll help with focus, distraction, accountability
  • Why I recommend you create a Do Not Do List
  • Work-related programs that help (and don’t help) re: deadlines and efficiency
  • My challenge to you




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