The Declutter Project: Part 1

The Chalene Show
EP. 279

In this episode, I will talk about how you can DEclutter your clutter.

Nobody is a pro at this naturally, but you definitely can become a “professional declutterer” through the introduction of a few simple systems to your life. If you’re NOT good at decluttering, you’ll find that you’re usually just moving stuff around. You’ll also find that this ultimately doesn’t solve anything! If you can resonate with that, this podcast is definitely gonna help you out.

Clutter can cause stress, anxiety, and in some cases depression. This is why I’ve learned to declutter not just my space, but my life as a whole.

In order for Bret and I to live the life we live today, we had to do a lot (and by a lot I mean A LOT) of decluttering. When we first decluttered our living and work spaces, it became really apparent to both of us how good it feels to let go of things and restore order to chaos.

Then, I started to apply this decluttering method to countless other areas of my life, including some of the people in my life. I know this may sound cruel, but life is simply too short to have your life cluttered with obligations you don’t enjoy fulfilling. Clutter is defined as anything that distracts you from living the life you want to live and the things you know you need to do. Therefore, clutter can take the form of a relationship you have with another individual.

Now, decluttering should be your priority over all other things. Before you go on a diet. Before you look for your soul mate. Etc, etc. You need to clear your plate, get yourself in order, and truly prepare yourself before approaching your next big steps.

My mission in life is to help people live a happier and fuller life. One of the ways in which I feel I can serve my purpose is by teaching you some systems you can use to declutter your life.

This is a Part 1 episode (if you haven’t noticed already). There is no way I can address every system you should implement in your life in one episode. So, after listening to this episode, be sure to stay tuned for the continuation of this discussion.

First things first… If you live with another adult, I’m gonna need you to share this podcast with them. It is soooo much easier if everyone is on the same page, I’m sure you can agree with this. If you are single or live alone, then go ahead and share this episode with a friend. Whatever your relationship status is, YOU NEED ACCOUNTABILITY to be successful with this. Share this right now with someone you trust so you don’t forget!

The first area I want you to focus on is your physical space. This could simply be a few rooms in your house, or one room in particular. Maybe you spend most of your time at the office and it’s your car or desk that are completely cluttered. Address your space. Your only assignment after this episode is to begin to make a list. You can use (perhaps) your SmartLife Push Journal OR something you can carry with you throughout your day (your smartphone notes app is a convenient tool to use for this as well). I want you to make a note of the room/space that is causing the most anxiety for you. Start with that, and if you want to hear the rest listen in to this episode for what else this list should consist of!

I really hope you enjoy this episode. Be sure to stay tuned for the remaining episodes of this series. I can’t wait to hear of your decluttering journeys and improvements. YOU GOT THIS.

If you have any thoughts/questions/suggestions/concerns hit me up on the socials OR send me a message!


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