The End?

I wanted to keep you in the loop… Unfortunately I may need to take a break from podcasting… 

I’ll explain in this episode… 

There’s a lot to the reasoning behind me starting a podcast in the first place and now, after completely falling in love with it, I may need to hang up the mic. Just a few things I need to figure out…

There’s a lot to tell you, much of which is very personal… Personal thoughts… Personal conversations I had with my family, my team, Bret and my’s business partner.  These were conversations I had to have to figure all of this out.  So I figured, what more appropriate place to tell you this story than in a podcast.

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This is my explanation to both shows… the explanation to why I got into this in the first place, and why I’m thinking of leaving.  I’ve always told you that my family is my first priority… who would I be to not live that fully.  

Thanks listening to the whole story.

I promise to make a decision based on my priorities and to share that with you next week.  I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t.

But I do need your help… please share The Chalene Show and continue to talk to me through my social media and through reviews on my podcast.

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