The Fallout of Critical Parenting

The Chalene Show
EP. 267

Here is another episode recorded from the driver’s seat! Well more specifically, in the middle of the parking lot at my daughter’s high school track meet. Now… there was something I witnessed at this track meet that stirred up some emotions and thoughts.. some locked up feelings I felt surface as I was sitting in the stadium.

I really felt the need to jump in my car and record these feelings right away so that I would not forget to share them with you.

Parenting. It’s what almost every act, decision, or characteristic associated with an individual often stems back to.

Today, as I was sitting in the stadium observing the track races going off, I witnessed a father near to me who (lemme just say) truly made a fool of himself. No offense to him or anything, but he totally was going off on his daughter as she was racing in a rather negative, frustrated tone. It was awful. He made it very clear that he was disappointed in her performance, and that she could have done much much better than she did. What he maybe didn’t realize was that he is not his daughter’s coach, he’s her father first above all things.

Now, I think it is often a habit for parents to believe that their offspring(s) are reflections of who they are and how well they perform their job (of being a mom or dad). But sometimes, parents can forget to let their kids have some room. Room to breathe and grow to their fullest potential, without feeling like they will never be good enough or “satisfying”.

I want to share with you some of things I have noticed with parenting trends today, as well as some things I truly feel have worked for raising my kids alongside my husband Bret. Now, Bret and I aren’t perfect parents. We definitely have made mistakes and have our flaws, and I’m sure that if you asked my son or daughter, they’d be able to point out a few of these things. But regardless, I’d love for you to listen in. I know this is a sensitive topic, so bear with me and hear me out.

I will share with you some of my deepest, truest thoughts on this critical area of discussion. I’m not here to critique your parenting, but I’d like to be someone you can look to if maybe you want to approach parenting a little differently. Maybe tweak it a bit, so you can form a stronger, healthier, and more trustworthy relationship with your kids.



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