Podcast – The Meat Controversy & The Grass Fed Beef Label with Michael Salguero

What Does “Grass Fed, Grass Finished Beef” Really Mean & Why is High Quality, Antibiotic & Hormone Free, Ethically Raised Meat Important to Our Health?

Let’s talk protein! Grass fed, grass finished, hormone free, antibiotic free, organic, free range, heritage – what do these terms really mean? Many Americans consume a high protein diet and not only are they consuming too much animal protein, but 98% of it is conventionally farmed or factory farmed meat. Today, we’re talking to Michael Salguero, CEO & founder of ButcherBox – the first service dedicated to “clean” meat & the ethical treatment of animals – to uncover food labels, shady practices in the food industry & how it can affect your health.

There’s a reason the conventional meat industry has been misleading us with the use of labels. It’s becoming increasingly difficult for farmers to produce high quality, humanely raised meat, and it comes from the top down. The good news is, the industry is making a shift, and Butcher Box is leading the way!

In This Episode on Grass Fed Beef vs Factory Farmed Meat, You’ll Learn:

  • Important labels to look for to ensure you’re getting quality meat that’s both ethically raised and better for your health.
  • The difference between grass fed beef and conventionally farmed beef. (4:50)
  • Why inflammatory foods like GMO corn and grains are fed to conventionally raised animals and what that means for us. (8:02) 
  • What “grass fed, grain finished” is versus “grass fed, grass finished” and how some farmers and food distributors may be misleading us. (9:56)
  • The scary fact that there’s a lack of standards and monitoring of meat labeling in restaurants and how they can basically make whatever claims they want. (10:50)
  • Why you should be careful of the label “pasture fed.” (11:05)
  • How the term “grass fed” has evolved and is being manipulated. (11:25)
  • About controversial documentaries on meat and important things to take note of when it comes to studies, sources cited and hidden agendas. (14:20)
  • Why it’s difficult for farmers to raise beef that is truly “grass fed.” (19:01)
  • Why humane treatment of animals is so important and how it actually affects the quality of the meat you’re eating. (22:09)
  • If there is a difference in quality in frozen beef versus fresh beef. (25:06)
  • About a problem occuring in the meat industry called “balancing” and how it increases costs. (26:16)
  • The difference between heritage breed pork and conventionally farmed pork and why you should be careful about the type of pork you consume. (33:40)
  • Why Americans overeat protein (specifically animal protein), what is actually needed, and why it’s more important to eat less protein that’s of a higher quality. (36:27)

If you’re a vegetarian or vegan, this probably isn’t your episode. However, if protein is an important part of your diet, and animal protein is something you consume often, there’s a lot of information in this interview that you need to know.

If this struck a chord, and you want to learn more about food and its effect on your health, how much animal protein you really need, why the high-protein diet craze isn’t the answer, and why it’s important to phase your diet, check out 131Method.com.

I hope you enjoy this episode! Leave me a comment below with your thoughts, and make sure you subscribe to the show, so you never miss a beat!

Resources on Meat Labels & Important Links from the Show:

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At The Fork

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