7 figure Webinar Know How Part 2 with Lewis Howes | The nuts and bolts of how to master Webinars


In Part 2 of my interview with Lewis Howes, we cover how to build excitement and engagement on your webinar before it even begins. This is how you build a personal relationship with your customers or potential customers faster and without the one-on-one communication and back and forth.


In this episode, you will learn:

  • How to build a relationship without the back and forth and tons of time spent with one-on-one communication with clients, especially for people in direct marketing or multilevel marketing businesses.
  • How to create the same result as personal communication with 100 people or more at a time…versus trading your time for dollars.
  • What is the ideal length of time for a webinar? Why you should stick to 60-75 minutes.
  • Using a chat box to engage with your webinar.
  • Why to get on your webinar 10-15 minutes early – how to get people to share your webinar and invite more people before you even begin.
  • How to get people to engage and what to do throughout your show.
  • The best times for webinars and how to promote it.
  • Stats for attendance – expect only about 50% of people who register
  • Only 50% of people will show up
  • How to sell on your webinar so it doesn’t feel like selling
  • How many slides to use to keep people’s attention and why – minimum of one per minute


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Time Codes:

0:01 Get ready to rock with this Lewis Howes interview

1:20 Why a need for part two

2:14 Can webinars solve the problem for MLM

3:31 How much time are you investing on one MLM lead?

4:30 What can webinar do for you

7:26 How long should your webinar be?

8:16 Can you sell right on the webinar

8:46 Check out Lewis’s secret process in conducting a webinar and getting a sale

10:20 Build connection by acknowledging your webinar attendees

11:44 The nitty gritty part of promoting your webinar

13:30 How should you create interest and draw people to your webinar

14:59 How many people should you expect when 100 registered?

16:30 Quote: “Don’t do a webinar just to make money, do a webinar if it fits your lifestyle”

17:51 Webinar success tip: Build credibility, be an expert, give value

19:10 The Three Phases of a Successful Webinar

20:27 How many slides you should have

21:43 The techy side of doing a webinar

23:42 Get a team in place support your webinar

24:30 If you’re not into video, webinar

25:30 How should you pitch in a webinar?

27:51 What can you do to help your audience in the decision process?

28:58 Are you confident in what you are selling?

30:37 What guides Lewis’ the way he treats his “Lifers”

32:57 The inner child with our big guy, Lewis

35:28 Final words from Chalene


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