Podcast – How to Make The Perfect Podcast Pitch Do’s and Don’ts with Amy Porterfield, Shawn Stevenson, Paul Colligan, Bret Johnson and Jordan Harbinger

Whether you have your own podcast or trying to be a guest on someone else’s, the podcast space has become very competitive. So, which should you focus your attention on — hosting a podcast or being the interviewee? In this episode, I’ll dedicate time to answering this quandary. Also, you’ll hear from some of my top ranking podcast friends! Experts, like: Jordan Harbinger, Paul Colligan, Amy Porterfield, Shawn Stevenson and my husband, Bret Johnson. They’ll share thoughts and tips on everything from pitching yourself as a guest to personal do’s and don’ts (on what it takes to get on a show or how to get someone on your show). 


You’ll find out…

  • How talent agents have become involved in the podcast-sphere (from hosts to guests) and are they worth it
  • One of the best ways to grow a following for your future podcast
  • Which website to check currents rankings and analytics for podcasts
  • Why shooting to have “big” guests on your show doesn’t pull in the numbers
  • How to get really good guests on your pod
  • What you should be looking for in guests
  • How to be creative when getting in touch with a podcaster (to ultimately be a guest on their show)
  • My IGTV idea for you (that is, if I may say, brilliant)
  • How to use collaborations to grow your audience



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