Podcast – This Too Shall Pass and it Ain’t That Bad

Yesterday, I was prompted to reminisce about difficult times from my past. While it was challenging to be reminded of those dark periods, the inevitable truth found its way in and lifted my spirits. And what was that truth?

Everything does, indeed, get better!

So, I felt compelled to tell you about this process in the hopes it reminds you that life is all about perspective… how you’re feeling or whatever it is you’re going through is 100% never permanent. I’ll give you simple questions, too, that’ll help you measure whether or not right now is a good time in your life.


You’ll hear…

  • How I stumbled over family photos and my thoughts surrounding them
  • My reminiscing about times that were challenging, from relationships to financial status
  • Why being reminded of hard times makes me cry happy tears
  • The importance of focusing on today and only today
  • A personal anecdote of one of my early personal training clients and the wisdom I gained from her
  • Why rough patches in life are a certainty
  • The power of softening your heart during frustrating life moments
  • What I do when things feel overwhelming


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