Podcast – TikTok for Marketing and Audience Transfer with Brock and Chalene Johnson

Today, you get both Brock and I! And we’re talking all about TikTok! Now, just hold on before you hit stop because you think TikTok isn’t for you. In this episode, we’ll explain how ANYONE can get value (and audience transfer) out of this social app — the fasting growing of 2019! We’re talking 500 million users. That means it’s already bigger than Twitter. So, you should be paying attention!


You’ll find out…

  • Why you should get on TikTok today and not tomorrow
  • How to capitalize on transferring your TikTok audience
  • Why we, Brock and I, think you’re going to love this app
  • Why / how you’re able to gain traction and visibility on TikTok without being too creative
  • Why TikTok just might be the safest and cleanest social app out there
  • The value of a low-pressure social media video app
  • The benefit of going Live on TikTok (a feature not often used)




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