Podcast – Time For a Serious Conversation? Let’s Evaluate

Difficult conversations can be really stressful and anxiety-inducing, but the fact is we all need to have them at some point. Today, I’ll help you figure out when/if you really do need to have that difficult conversation and the best (least painful) way to approach it!


You’ll find out:

  • Why difficult conversations tend to be with those we’re closest with
  • Questions to ask yourself — that will answer for you — if you do, indeed, need to have a difficult conversation
  • Why it’s important to determine the likelihood of things changing — before you engage in the talk
  • Why it’s crucial to factor in the other person’s perspective
  • Why figuring out your intent/purpose behind the conversation is key
  • The importance of discerning the best time (if possible) for having the conversation
  • Why you must get very clear on who you need to talk to (AKA the right person vs the safest person)
  • How to know if a conversation actually is the best way for a resolution
  • Why, I feel, there are few truly mentally healthy people



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