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CREATING SYSTEMS-2(Timecode 0:33) What does it mean to productive? I think productivity means getting the desired result in an efficient way.

(Timecode 1:16) I’ve been reading this amazing book calledThe Organized Mind.

(Timecode 1:51) What I love about The Organized Mind are the success principles. Success principles are found all the way back to the times of the Bible. Now most success principles are just that. They are principles that are tried and true regardless of time. I mean you can change the methodology based on whatever technologies are available to us, right? But success principles are really based on systems and wanting a desired fact, applying some simple steps, improving that process and therefore improving your result or improving the method by which you achieve that result.

(Timecode 3:14) Since 1986, our world has changed so much that we are presented with nearly five times the amount of data like that we have to receive and process, five times the amount of data that we had received during that same timeframe back in 1986. What does that actually mean? That is the equivalent of each of us, reading 174 newspapers cover to cover each day.

(Timecode 4:00) The Organized Brain takes a look at what we do from the standpoint of neuroscience, what our brains have evolved to be able to handle and yet, what we’re asking them to handle each and every day which really explains why people are completely stressed out, overwhelmed and feeling like a failure because you can’t manage it all.

(Timecode 7:18) So, what I want to do today is talk to you about how to minimize that depletion of mental energy each day by creating systems where you don’t have to think about it anymore. It’s easy, it’s simple, it makes you more effective and you get the result that you want. It’s easier on your brain and it saves you time.

(Timecode 8:34) Some really basic ways that you can create systems in your own life is a system is an ordered and proven process that saves you time and stress and unnecessary thought process.

(Timecode 8:54) Once you have automatized a behavior you no longer have to use a thought process, like there is no thought process as you go through each morning before you brush your teeth. It’s systematized; you don’t even think about the steps because you have automatized it. You’ve made it something that you just do and the purpose of the system is to produce a predictable outcome.

(Timcode 13:06) A system is something as simple as a checklist.

(Timecode 13:46) So what I started doing is creating a complete morning checklist.

(Timecode 14:02) So I created this little tiny checklist on an app and it includes everything you could possibly imagine right down to your socks, foot warmers, undergarments which is everything, everything that you could possibly imagine.

(Timecode 14:33) Another really important system that we’ve created is grocery shopping. Now in all honesty and don’t judge me, but I believe this saves me time and therefore, it gives me more time and freedom to be with my family.Untitled design-3

(Timecode 23:54) The system starts with you making notes. Most systems you want to create so that somebody else could look at the sheet and do it for you. You can outsource this, especially when we’re talking about things that we do for our work or for our growing business.

(Timecode 28:24) Systems really start with you writing clear and concise notes about each and every step, breaking them down, making sure that everybody who’s involve knows what’s expected, the deadlines, and they should be involved in the process.

(Timecode 28:34) As you create systems in your personal life, in your professional life, what you generate is freedom. And now that we understand how overwhelming technology and all the demands that are placed upon us, how that has evolved into a level that we just can’t remember every single detail and having to keep track every single detail is exhausting. That’s why people are so tired. They’re so burned out, if you can minimize that and get your desired result.




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