Podcast – Improve your Exercise Habit using The Tiny Habits Method with Stanford Behavior Expert, BJ Fogg

By learning and putting good new habits into place, we become happier, attract quality people, and our lives just all-around feel better! If that’s something you’re looking for, then you’re going to be obsessed with my guest today: BJ Fogg (author of Tiny Habits, professor at Stanford University, and founder of The Behavior Design Lab). I totally geeked out over his book and, not to mention, fell completely in love with him during this interview. I have a feeling you will, too!


You’ll find out…

  • What is The Maui Habit
  • The overwhelming response to my Instagram poll about the habit YOU most wanted to work on
  • How the process for learning a habit can be applied to any behavioral change
  • What you need to do first when you want to start a new habit, but feel bad about yourself
  • How / why a positive emotion (i.e., feeling good) wires in a habit
  • Why a negative emotion being the catalyst for change can only be a temporary solution
  • Mistakes people make that over-complicate things
  • Why shoulds almost never become habits
  • Why we are reluctant to start small
  • The three hacks behind Tiny Habits
  • How we know if we’re selecting the right anchor (trigger) for a new habit
  • Examples of anchors that’ll help with waking up earlier and exercising
  • The importance of clarifying your aspiration
  • What is magic wanding
  • Why so many still believe that if you repeat something for X number of days, then you’ll have yourself a habit
  • How to form a habit with celebration (with examples)
  • How to use social media for accountability and celebration re: new habits
  • A quick cardio hack
  • The importance of developing the Skill of Context and what that means with regard to habit and our environment
  • How to make your room — from hotel to home — support your best habits
  • Why Fogg created a new preface for the audio version of his book
  • How to cope with competing motivations
  • The concept of using a swarm to eliminate a bad habit



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