Podcast – Tips to Create the Best Photos for Instagram

Have you tried everything to grow your Instagram following and, yet, still don’t see new engagement or growth? Well, it just may have something to do with your photos. Let’s face it, Instagram is a visual platform — so having better photo content could really make a difference in expanding your reach. Today, Brock shares actionable tips that are guaranteed to improve your photo game!


You’ll find out…

  • The importance of upgrading your phone ASAP
  • Why aesthetic cohesion on your IG must be appealing
  • 8 ways to take better pictures
  • How to brighten up your photos
  • What is depth of field?
  • Why you must have a clear focal point in your photo
  • What are dynamic angles?
  • How to get ideas for future content
  • Recommended apps for editing photos
  • How brightness, exposure, sharpness and saturation factor into editing and why they matter
  • How to take advantage of the level of warmth /coolness in your photos
  • Brock’s encouraging words about experimenting, practicing and having fun with your photos



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