Podcast – Why It’s Important to Be More Likable

Connections Bring Forth Opportunity

Most of us feel better when we are understood. Would you agree? It feels good to be liked and valued, but there are more important reasons supporting why you should be more likable. People provide others with opportunities when they like them. People who like you root for you. Having that support will 100% provide you with more opportunities. Being likable, you get favors. If two people are being interviewed and one person is more likable, even if the other person is more “talented”… the more likable person is often hired.

Lead with Curiosity. Be genuinely interested in others. Approach people with a smile. Pay attention to your body language. And DON’T turn every conversation into a competition. Stop trying to one-up people. If you want to be likable… be confident in yourself and be interested in others. This means… try using peoples names in conversation, for starters! It won’t go unnoticed.

For more tips to be more likable, listen in to the full episode now!

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