Podcast – What Tom Brady Can Teach Us About Social Media with Brock Johnson

Brock feels Tom Brady is the greatest NFL quarterback of all time! Great, but how does that apply to YOU? Well, Brock is also is insistent that Mr. Brady can teach us a whole bunch about social media. In this episode, Brock will share with you 12 lessons we can learn from the GOAT (greatest of all time), like: being focused on the fundamentals, the power of self-belief, and figuring out which best practices work for you, individually, versus the majority. Get ready to take some notes on how TB12 can teach you to conquer social media!


Brock will go into detail on how each of these 12 lessons can be applied to your social media game, including:

  1. Being focused on the fundamentals
  2. The power of self belief
  3. Self care
  4. How to follow best practices that fit YOU, individually, rather than the general public
  5. Don’t be complacent based off your past successes
  6. Be unapologetically yourself
  7. Have fun while on social media
  8. Constantly searching for improvement
  9. Life moves in seasons
  10. The value of family
  11. Joy is internal
  12. Have meaning behind what you say



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