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Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 10.21.18 AMTony Horton the wildly popular creator of the best-selling fitness series: P90X®, P90X2®, P90X3®, Ten Minute Trainer®, One On One with Tony Horton®, and his latest program he calls “The on-switch to fitness” P90®. Tony is a world-class motivational speaker and the author of top-selling books “Bring It”, Crush It!” and his latest motivational book, “The Big Picture” 11 Laws that will change your life. He has appeared on countless television programs as a fitness and lifestyle expert to promote healthy living through exercise and proper nutrition. Tony’s latest endeavor is a Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 10.20.18 AMpartnership with 7-Eleven to offer fresh and healthy sandwiches, wraps, salads, and cold pressed juices, providing nutritious options to people on the go.

For the past 25 years, he has used his unique brand of humor to change the lives of over 8 million people through his incredible fusion of motivation, physical exercise, nutrition, and discipline. From worldclass athletes, pro sports teams, celebrities and the U.S. Military, to corporate executives, couch potatoes, and busy moms and dads alike, Tony has what it takes to reach and teach them all.

Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 12.54.37 PMTony believes that real and lasting change can happen when we commit to health as a lifestyle. Exercise, whole foods, and the right mindset is the formula that leads to a vibrant, productive and full life for anyone who focuses on being the best they can be. 

In this episode, he talks to Chalene about how age has changed his perspective on what’s important to him with fitness and overall health. Tony recently released Tony Horton Kitchen; which are healthy, chemical and pesticide free, nutrition packed meals that are offered in 7 11’s.

Whatever your goals are in life, this episode on happiness, nutrition and motivation will leave you ready to conquer your day!



Topics discussed in this episode:Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 10.22.10 AM
– How Tony Horton Kitchen came about and why it’s offered in 7 11
– Tony Horton’s meals are pesticide free, chemical free, low on the glycemic index scale, and offers vegetarian options.
– As we age, it becomes harder to change our bodies. It’s important to continually change up your routine and find things that keep you motivated and consistent. – Learning to embrace challenges.
– Tony’s advice on overall happiness: 1) Have a plan! Plan out time for your workouts. Put on a calendar and post that calendar on your bathroom mirror or fridge so that you stay on track. 2) Find purpose beyond the aesthetics of fitness. Whether it’s because your workout makes you feel happier, more balanced, relaxed, etc.; find purpose to why fitness is so important in your life. 3) Take a look at the 5 Screen Shot 2014-11-03 at 10.22.15 AMpeople you spend the most amount of time with because your lifestyle will adapt to your surrounds. Surround yourself with fitness minded, happy, driven people and you too will become that.

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Time Codes
00:00 Intro
2:45 Welcome Tony!
3:45 The reason’s Tony trains his body
5:45 Tony’s moment/epiphany that caused him to wake up and have a different perspective
6:15 Exercise bipolar disorder
8:00 Tony talks about Tony Horton Kitchen in 7-11
9:45 How Tony has kept Tony Horton Kitchen clean, healthy, and free of pesticides and chemicals
11:00 Spread the word of Tony Horton Kitchen
11:55 Tony’s view on vegetarianism and veganism
13:15 Why he’s not a vegetarian anymore
14:50 How Tony recommends staying for with age
16:30 Tony’s first experience doing a workout with Mountain Athlete
18:30 Keep moving your life forward by pulling yourself continually out of your comfort zone
21:00 How Tony pushed through his past and has viewed it all as growth that has made him stronger
22:30 what Tony would train in an ideal week
24:00 Tony surrounds himself with like minded friends
25:50 On Sundays he does Gymnastics for old guys
28:05 Tony’s ultimate advice for staying motivated long term
30:00 outro

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