Podcast – Top 5 Millionaire Mantras

Step Inside the Mind of a Millionaire

In this episode, I share with you the top 5 millionaire mantras that I have both developed myself and that I have sought out in others. My point in sharing these isn’t necessarily to help you become a millionaire yourself, but hey it might! But really, I wanted to share these with you so that you could get some insight on how millionaires or financially successful people stay generous and truly happy.

If you’ve ever wondered how some millionaires stay connected with themselves, continue to thrive, AND do good for others… then this episode will be a treat for you! Make sure to take notes on this one. When you’re done listening to this episode, and if you have some time to write and reflect on it, jot down a list of things that if you realized they were all gone tomorrow, life would suck. Count your blessings. You’ll probably realize you don’t have enough pages in your pad of paper to write them all down!


What You Will Learn In This Podcast: 

  • What others say and do more often than not is based on their own reflection. (3:15)
  • Know your intentions. (3:50)
  • Spend less time on people who spend all their time criticizing others. (4:30)
  • Why our brains look for danger and notice the negative. (6:30)
  • Ask for help! (10:15)
  • Stop making excuses and waiting for people to swoop in and save you/guide you. (11:20)
  • Your life is up to you. (12:15)
  • And more!

Hope you enjoyed this episode and that you were able to gather some insight into the mindset of a millionaire!


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