Top Podcasts 2018: Best Podcasts for Health, Business, Personal Development & Entertainment


The 20 Top Podcasts of 2018 to Add to Your List of Must Listens

This one is for my fellow podcast junkies – a rundown of the TOP podcasts of 2018. These are my all time favorite shows, in my opinion the best podcasts of 2018, in the Health, Business, Entertainment and Personal Development categories as of Spring 2018. Podcasts are like brain food. Here’s a list of the top 5 podcasts I recommend feeding your brain with in each of these categories. Check out the list below and listen to this episode to figure out which shows are for you and all the reasons why you should tune in!

So you’ve become a podcast junkie, huh? I KNEW you would! I really believe I’ve learned more from podcasts than I did in my formal education.

Podcasts are amazing because you can feed your brain with information you’re intentionally seeking out. Therefore, I have since replaced my time spent scrolling on social media with consuming podcasts or what I like to call brain food. Might I suggest you limit your social media time and instead fill that time with some of these amazing podcasts, too?

Here’s a breakdown of my top 5 favorite podcasts, the best podcasts of 2018 in each of the following categories.

top podcasts of 2018

Top Podcasts of 2018 (as of Spring 2018)

There’s only so much personal development and growth you can do. Sometimes you just need to give your brain a break and get lost in a story. These entertainment podcasts are in my opinion the best way to take a break.

  1. Small Town Dicks Podcast – Interviews with small town detectives investigating very interesting crimes. Fascinating!
  2. Heavyweight –  A show by Gimlet Media (they have some of the best podcast production) that tells the story of one thing that weighs heavily on a person’s heart and mind. In turn, the host attempts to bring resolution or at least some answers. I love the host, the story telling, the positive uplifting message and everything about this podcast. I only wish there were more. 
  3. Juicy Scoop –  This show is like chatting with your funniest girlfriend about all things reality TV. It’s hosted by comedian Heather McDonald. She is so mad funny, drops the F-bomb like the best of them, and says what you’re thinking. You legit feel like you just had the most hilarious girl’s night out after every episode. She has a paid version too that is even JUICIER!!! This is my guilty pleasure that I could listen to for hours. 
  4. Reply All – This is another great show by Gimlet Media. It’s a fascinating show about strange internet oddities and peculiar apps. Plus, it has all of the great story telling and production quality you can expect from all Gimlet Media shows! 
  5. Dirty John – This is a real life crime story that is almost too strange and scary to be believed. You will be on the edge of your seat and likely binge listen to all 7 episodes in 3 days (max!). 


I am always finding so many great new health podcasts! If you enjoy this episode, I will keep updating my lists, especially this one. My top podcasts of 2018 health list is a good mix of science, trending topics, and shows that break down myths and misconceptions when it comes to diet.

  1. FoundMyFitness – The host Dr. Rhonda Patrick is great! This show should have been named Found My Science. It’s really about human health related science. I thought I was a science nerd, until I discovered Rhonda. She’s so smart and talks so fast that I find myself slowing down the speed and scribbling pages of notes with each amazing episode. Don’t quote me, but I believe if you listen to all of her episode you can legally call yourself a PhD. #GirlCrush
  2. Revolution Health Radio – Host Chris Kresser debunks mainstream myths on nutrition and health. I like his style, his skepticism and his approach to health. 
  3. Model Health Show – Shawn Stevenson is a sleep expert, and his voice could smooth out the kinkiest hair. He talks weight loss, parenting, hormones, exercise and so much more. Love him!
  4. Functional Medicine with Dr. Ruscio – This show is pretty heavy on the science side of thing, and it’s a show created more for practitioners than the general public. However, if you feel like you’re a doctor, or you want a VERY unbiased analysis of the latest research and approach to functional health – this is your show!
  5. The Fat Burning Man – Abel James is the host of this show, and I love his voice. He interviews many of the top experts you’ll hear on all the other big podcasts, but breaks it down in a way that anyone can understand.

Looking for more great information on diet, exercise, gut health, metabolism, hormones and overall health? Check out 131 Method.


I consume personal development much in the same way that I do entertainment podcasts. They are something I listen to for me. They make me feel lighter, fuller, happier, more optimistic and hopeful. Therefore, I strongly encourage you listen to personal development podcasts. Here are my top podcasts of 2018 in the personal development category.

  1. Your Move –  Andy Stanley’s weekly show is 30 mins long. He’s a Christian Pastor, but the message in my opinion is universally applicable with lots of humor and clarity. Super relatable!
  2. School of Greatness – Host Lewis Howes is an exceptional interviewer, and he lands the greatest of the greats when it comes to guests. Unlike other hosts who talk over their guests, Lewis allows you the opportunity to soak it all in and learn along side him. 
  3. Where Should We Begin – This is a live recording of a therapy session between two people with host and therapist Esther Perrel. Her episodes are beyond fascinating. Even if you think the topic of the therapy session doesn’t relate to you, you’ll be surprised by how much you get out of it.
  4. The Jordan Harbinger Show – This show features awesome interviews with amazingly successful and interesting thought leaders. Jordan does an amazing job of stopping his guests and asking them to break down complicated concepts in every day terms.
  5. Optimal Living Daily – This show provides a cliff notes version of all of the best personal development blogs you don’t have time to read.

The last category is the money making category. This is for those of you wondering about things like having enough money for retirement, starting a side hustle or online business, and doing things in your spare time to create some extra income. There are so many great business podcasts out there that it’s hard to choose just 5. However, here are my 5 top podcasts of 2018 in the business category at the moment.

  1. Masters of Scale – Reid Hoffman, the host, is a legendary silicon valley investor. He provides you with access to the biggest and brightest in the industry. This show has exceptional production value and is about 30 to 60 minutes long.
  2. Smart Passive Income – If you love Build Your Tribe, you’ll love this show hosted by my friend Pat Flynn. Great guests, great guy, tons of inspiration and how to’s. 
  3. Build Your Tribe – Not to toot my own horn, but this show is perfect for the new entrepreneur or small business owner. I share this podcast with my son Brock, and this kid knows how to use social for business ROI like no other. Don’t waste a moment trying to figure out how to use the latest Facebook update or Instagram filter to improve your business – Brock will give you the shortcuts.
  4. Being Boss – This show with Emily Thompson and Kathleen Shannon is perfect for anyone with side hustle, freelancers, or business builders.
  5. Start Up – This is another great podcast by Gimlet Media that showcases what it’s really like to start a business.


That’s it! There are your top podcasts of 2018 so far! I hope I haven’t divided up your attention too much by adding 20 more shows to your list, but I just had to share these! If you, too believe that sharing is caring, I hope you’ll repay the favor today and share my show with someone you know who would benefit from this type of information! Also, if you’d like me to keep this list up to date, let me know by leaving a comment here or leaving a review for the show. I really do appreciate it!

Thank you for being here! I love you! You are the bomb dot com!

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