Podcast – Treating Adult ADD with Dr. Daniel Amen

Whether you know someone who has ADD / ADHD or experience symptoms yourself, it can prove quite a challenging road to navigate. Today, I open up about my own struggles with ADD and how I was diagnosed with this disorder. In addition, you’ll hear an interview with my doctor, Dr. Daniel Amen (brain disorder specialist). We dive deep into all things ADD / ADHD and what, ultimately, led me to go in for a brain scan — changing the trajectory of my life forever.


You’ll learn…

  • My personal treatment plan for ADD (including whether or not I used drugs and why)
  • If a child can really grow out of ADD / ADHD
  • How much is ADD / ADHD inherited
  • Some of the clear ways you can identify if you’re suffering from ADD
  • Is hyper-focusing a trait of those with ADD?
  • Do entrepreneurs have a higher incident rate of ADD?
  • The benefits and the risks of turning first to the medications that are stimulants
  • Is there a correlation between head trauma and ADD?


Podcast – Treating Adult ADD with Dr. Daniel Amen


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