Podcast – The Truth About Common Fitness Myths

Fitness should truly be an integral part of everyone’s life. That’s because — as a whole — it’s so much more than just weight loss or body fat. Fitness brings out the best in us! When we work out: we’re more successful, affectionate, productive, resilient, and happy! Just all around better people. However, there have been (and continue to be) countless myths surrounding all things fitness. So, in today’s episode, I’ll dispel many of these myths and hope to bring you some clarity!


You’ll find out:

  • What fitness means to me
  • Why muscle DOESN’T take up as much space as fat
  • Why you shouldn’t get on the scale when you start a new workout program
  • How and why not all workouts are created equal
  • Why you might be burning more calories AFTER your workout than during
  • My thoughts on liposuction
  • What lifting weights the right way does for you (and it’s not about bulking up)
  • Why ab exercises don’t give you flat abs
  • Where a reduced level of body fat comes from
  • Which foods help the health of your skin
  • The best time to exercise
  • The benefits to working out in the morning



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