Podcast – We Need to Talk and It’s Going To Get Uncomfortable – with Anne Stevenson

Today, I continue the conversation about racism with my friend, Anne Stevenson. Anne’s husband, Shawn, host of the very popular podcast, The Model Health Show, has been a guest on the show numerous times in the past. You’ll hear Anne share her worries and fears (plus, the tough conversations that need to be had) that surround raising black children. Anne and I discuss what changes need to come from these very turbulent times and what we all can do to be better and do better. This episode is a call to change.


You’ll find out…

  • My heartfelt message to be sensitive when listening to this show
  • How Anne and her husband talk to their teen son about driving re: cops
  • Recent examples of Anne’s family and friends getting pulled over by the police
  • What I’ve learned about racism re: white people
  • How this pandemic has contributed to the perfect storm
  • What Anne feels the best solution is right now
  • How racism today is different
  • How people can be indirectly racist
  • Anne’s personal story of experiencing racism
  • How many black people feel when going to any event
  • Anne’s definition of an ally
  • Surprising responses I’ve gotten from my recent announcement re: Black Business Matters Scholarship
  • What Anne has learned in the last week that has shaken her to the core
  • What I feel is the most important in communication at this time
  • Anne’s perspective on the pain behind rage
  • How I define white privilege



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