Podcast – Your Uncomfortable Sex Questions Answered | with Dr. Kelly Casperson

Disclaimer: This episode is strictly for the ladies (and probably NOT one to listen to with the kids around). I welcome back Dr. Kelly Casperson (urologist, podcaster). Our last chat was so eye-opening that it prompted many MORE questions — specifically, about sex. So today, I ask the doctor your uncomfortable and awkward questions — in regard to sex and the anatomy — so you don’t have to! 


You’ll find out:

  • A review of the female anatomy
  • Why sex might be painful (for women)?
  • The percentage of women who say they experience pain with sex
  • How much perimenopause / menopause / hormonal changes may contribute to pain with sex
  • Lube recommendation (brand and how to apply)
  • How to handle conversation with your partner re: lube
  • What is arousal desire mismatch
  • Where to start if you have zero libido 
  • Why desire for sex will come if you work on the sex
  • Why it might feel like you have to urinate when having an orgasm
  • Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about squirting
  • Why/why not you orgasm
  • Why we have to expand the paradigm of what heterosexual sex is
  • Thoughts on vaginal tightening to enhance sexual pleasure
  • When you might need a sex therapist and where to find one
  • How to change your mindset on sex (issues)
  • Why hormone replacement therapy may not help your sex life
  • What if both partners don’t seem to mind their sex life is lacking?
  • Is it bad if your sex drive is through the roof and you can never get enough?
  • Why does orgasm happen in only certain positions (for some people)?
  • Why the smell of the vagina/vulva changes after menopause
  • How much sex should you be having?
  • Why you shouldn’t “to-do list” your sex life
  • The role kids play on your sex life


Uncomfortable Sex Questions Answered


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