Podcast – Undereating and Reverse Dieting with Julie Ledbetter

Have you been stuck in a never ending plateau when it comes to your weight loss? Maybe you’re eating less and less, but your weight doesn’t seem to budge? Or perhaps you’ve lost a bunch of weight but have fear of returning to your previous normal? If any of this rings true, then you’re going to find this episode super helpful! Today, my guest is Julie Ledbetter. Julie teaches women to love and honor their bodies! You’ll learn the benefits of reverse dieting, the negative side effects of undereating and what really influences your metabolic rate.


You’ll also find out:

  • How Julie and I found each other
  • Julie’s history with diet and exercise
  • The moment Julie’s husband proved the catalyst for her positive diet journey
  • My own personal story of “killing myself” with diet and, yet, receiving constant praise
  • Julie’s lowest point at stage lean, knowing it’s not maintainable
  • Why Julie hired her 1st coach
  • Who should consider reverse dieting
  • The misconceptions around reverse dieting
  • The greatest benefits of reverse dieting
  • How to know when you’re not consuming the right diet
  • Where to start when you want to try reverse dieting
  • How to know how much food you should consume
  • Why your metabolism is adaptive
  • How Julie’s diet has helped her physique and training
  • How reverse dieting has improved Julie’s mental health



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