Podcast – Understanding CBD with Mike and Angie Lee

Today, I talk with Mike and Angie Lee — brother & sister team, founders of My Soul CBD. Their personal, life-changing, individual experiences with CBD prompted them to join forces and dedicate their lives to helping people by spreading the word on the benefits of this natural remedy! 

But how do you know if it’s something YOU should consider taking? And what about common concerns, like: quality, legality and safety? 

Well, we’ll cover all that and so much more on this captivating and super important episode!



You’ll find out…

  • My own research re: CBD & THC
  • Mike’s backstory, including: the ideology instilled in him from childhood, how he became a professional boxer, the sickness that his career away, and how his mental state was affected
  • Why (and when) Mike eventually turned to functional / holistic / integrative medicine
  • What lead to Mike exploring CBD as an option for improving his health
  • Angie’s experience with CBD before Mike approached her on the idea of creating a business around it
  • The hole Angie and Mike found in the CBD industry
  • Why Mike feels all the pain he endured was, ultimately, a gift
  • What integrity surrounding their product means to Mike and Angie
  • How CBD affects the body — inside and out
  • Why Mike and Angie have decided to not go down the route of THC (for now)
  • The legalities surrounding CBD products
  • Different products offered by My Soul CBD and what they’re used for, specifically
  • My fave My Soul CBD products
  • The best way to categorize CBD
  • How Mike and Angie compare CBD to other natural remedies
  • Are more and more professional athletes using CBD?
  • Everything you need to know with regard to pets and CBD
  • How CBD makes your skin soft
  • What you should be looking for on the label of CBD products
  • Why you must be skeptical of reviews on Amazon for health products



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